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    Self-policing as a person of color
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    Columnist ignored real problem
    I agree with everything Professor Adamson wrote about self-policing by nonwhites. [“Guest column: The racial self-policing that African-American men already do,” Opinion, July 30.]
    However, his column was comparable to complaining about being uncomfortable because of being overweight, but ignoring the real problem by thinking of yourself as the thin man.
    Black and white leaders are doing nothing to address the fact that our whole youth culture is imitating the social structures of prison and street gangs.
    Our media and entertainment industry glorify that culture. When our kids look and act like thugs, they are at extreme risk of engaging in conduct that will make everyone wary of them. Police officers and everyone else would be foolish to ignore the demographic of the people they must engage.
    Adamson could become a problem-solving leader if he would start writing about what will motivate our youth to emulate legitimate leaders, instead of criminals.
    Stan Walker, Freeland, Island County
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