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    Years ago, I was asked to write a Program to calculate the amount of fuel in a Horizontal Tank, when given the Tank Size (Length and Diameter) in inches, and the depth of fuel in inches. It is NOT an easy algorithm to come up with, from scratch. Once I had it running, I did not revisit the Issue until the Company retired the Computer and OS, as Obsolete, and then wanted to still have the Capability, on the replacement System running Windows 3.0 So I wrote an Excel Spreadsheet (Using the same algorithm) to do the job, that is still being used today. Well today I found a nice Table that does the same Job. So I thought I would Post it here.

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    Accurate of course assuming the tank is mounted perfectly level, or the measurement location is exactly in the middle of the horizontal run of the tank, in which case the out of level tilt would not matter unless near full or near empty. One would have to assume that no one would mount a tank so out of kilter (off level) that the axis from the high point of one end and the low point of the opposite end were exceeded. If that extreme was exceeded all measurements would be skewed.
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    Are you guys sure you're speaking English !!!
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    Yep, they are. Engineering, but English all the same. BT's calc is done often when the person is assigned to make the non quantity gauge on the tank that is non linear in percent to give gallons (or other volumes) in the tank. I've done several that were not cylindrical, but odd shaped (think like a ship's tankage along the hull.) It's a matter of computing volumes and converting to gallons at any given depth. PIA on the odd ones. The easy ones are vertical cylinders. (I've reamed engineers that designed non standard cylinders, too. Morons don't check manufacturer's catalogs, real designers do.
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    One of the things I like about this site is

    One of the things I like about this site is the breadth and depth of arcane knowledge held by the monkeys here that post to the site. I would miss that knowledge base if for any reason it was no longer accessible.
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    I used to know the equations for this.
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    If anyone needs it, I will post it here, from my Excel Spreadsheet.... .....
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    Makes my head hurt. But I would like your equation BTP.
    I'm sure it's more accurate than the guesstamations I do when mixing chemical sprays for land maintenance.
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    Excellent application. I had not thought of that.[applaud]
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    I found a lot of stuff useful... ya wouldn't think a gunsmith would need math... until you realize we're often programing our milling machines to tolerances of up to .0001 of an inch...
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    :D Yeah I've got a 25 gallon ATV style tank that I welded up a frame for and have mounted on the rear of my 60" Dixie Chopper. installed a switch so that I could retain the hand held wand but also switch to a pair of 36" fold up booms. Then I also have a 100 gallon unit that I have mounted to a trailer for pulling behind the ole Massey Ferguson 1010 compact tractor. Lot of people mount the 25 gal. units on the front of their zero turns but I'm not a fan of having chemicals blown up in my face and with the big swivel wheel mounted underneath I maintain my zero turn ability while having it stable on the rear.
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    Here is the Excel spreadsheet Math is embedded.... use at your own peril.....

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