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    A 68-year-old Juneau resident was sent to Bartlett Regional Hospital last night after a pressure bomb exploded in his hand, according to a press release from the Juneau Police Department.
    The release stated that JPD received a call at 9:50 p.m. Thursday from a man on Jennifer Drive reporting an injury to his hand, caused by a bottle left in his driveway. JPD responded and spoke with the man, who said he saw a suspicious vehicle in the area, went outside to investigate and found a bottle in his driveway. The release stated he picked the item up, only to have it explode in his hand shortly thereafter.
    The man later sought medical treatment at the BRH for the injury.
    JPD stated that a pressure bomb is comprised of a plastic container with compounds inside used to create a mechanical explosion.
    The investigation into this case is continuing. Anyone with information in this incident is encouraged to contact JPD at 586-0600.
    The Juneau Police Department would like to remind citizens that these types of devices are an explosion hazard, unpredictable, and could cause serious injury or death.

    My response to the Article, in the Papers comment section......

    It is Parents that need to Step Up here, and take Responsibility for the Actions of their Children. If their children are endangering others, Where are the Parents? Why are you calling for writing of LAWs, when you should be calling for Parents to take responsibility for their children. It isn't the Soda Bottles fault, OR the Breath Mints, or even if it was a REAL Explosive... it is SQUARELY the Parents, that are to blame, for NOT supervising their Children... Energetic Materials are all around us, even if YOU do NOT recognize them, in our own Homes and Garages. They are sold in every Grocery Store, and Hardware store in town. You can't write enough Statutes to cover them ALL, but you CAN hold Parents Responsible. If these folks are over 18 years Old, then they are Personally Responsible, and can be held responsible, for their actions. I have been in the Energetic Materials Science Biz for over five decades, and got my start as a Punk Kid, in Grade School. It because a vocation in High School, a Study in College, and a career in a Previous Lifetime. All of my children went thru that phase, but were supervised, by my wife, and I, while there was childhood interest. None of them, turned out to be Terrorists, or even Bad Citizens, as they are ALL Grown and gone, with children of their own.
    It is the same with Firearms. All my children were given instruction, in age appropriate Weapons Technology, while growing up. They ALL were given the 22LR Rifle, of their choice, at Age 12, and the Handgun, of their choice, at age 21. This has been Family Policy in my family, going back 5 generations, and is going forward Still. Responsible Parents are the Key to making children into Responsible Citizens, and there is no better way to make this happen. It doesn't take a Village, all it takes is responsible Parents, and a Government that makes that Policy, happen..... Grow Up Parents and Step up to your Responsibilities, as such....

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    Yeahh its the kind of situation where the parents have no involvement and no control over their kids lives. This is how the education system and family structure has been changed. Now that mothers and fathers are both at work all day the kids are raised by youtube and schools that are insufficient. Morals, civics, words of honor, and common sense are completely forgotten concepts. This is just another example of how the system is designed specifically to bring us all down. When I was a kid we would have known not to do something stupid like that, and in the event that our parents didn't catch us, our asses would have been red afterwards. Today there is no punishment or discipline... all for the children. The Bible should be followed closely when it suits the popular trends but not when it goes against them. Ignore all that anti-banking stuff, spare the rod-spoil the child, and think for yourself stuff. It doesn't go with commercialism. Its been reduced to a Disney sing a long.
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    You. Are right about the need for people to step up and do the right thing when there child does something that hurts another person
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