An Open Letter to Mr. Khan

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    I thought this was very well written!!

    Dear Mr. Khan,

    I, like millions of Americans saw your speech at the DNC on Thursday night.

    I wish to offer my sympathy for the death of your son, Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Iraq.

    As a former US Army officer, and a veteran of the Gulf War, I can certainly understand the pain and anguish that you and your wife endure every day.

    Your son died saving the lives of his fellow soldiers. As Jesus told his disciples, according to the Gospel of John, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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    Captain Khan is a hero. I am sure the soldiers he served with regard him as one. I know you and your wife do. Rest assured that millions of veterans regard your son as a hero as well.

    To paraphrase from the Book of Ecclesiasticus, your son’s name liveth for evermore.

    Your son made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, a country that was new to you and your family and one which you openly embraced and certainly love.

    When you and your family arrived to America from Pakistan, you assimilated into our country. You adopted American ways, learned our history and apparently you even acquired a pocket Constitution along the way. Good for you sir.

    But, there are many Muslims in America who not only have no desire to assimilate, but wish to live under Sharia Law.

    That is unacceptable to Americans. There is only one law of the land. That is the U.S. Constitution.

    As you well know, Mr. Khan, we live in violent times, dangerous times. Muslim madmen from ISIS and other radical Jihadi groups are on a murder and terror spree across the globe.

    Your religion of peace, Islam, is anything but that in 2016. That is a fact that is confirmed every time a Muslim shoots, bombs, beheads and tortures innocent men, women and children. This does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists, sir, are indeed Muslims.

    A Muslim terrorist attack has become the sign of the times.

    Regardless of what the feckless, naïve, leftist ideologue Barack Obama and his dimwitted colleagues John Kerry, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel state, the United States and the West are at war with Radical Islam. It is the job of the president of the United States to protect his nation from all enemies; foreign and domestic. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama romanticizes Islam and refuses to accept reality, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent people across the world.

    Groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda have one goal, the complete destruction of the Judeo-Christian culture, our religions and our way of life.

    Many Americans have families that have been here for decades, even centuries. Many families like mine have relatives who fought in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Some families have relatives who fought in the American Revolution.

    We don’t plan on letting our country be devoured by Muslim maniacs. We are Americans sir, and not unarmed, socialist European zombies. We will do what is necessary to protect the United States. While many Democrats and liberals see the world through rose colored glasses, conservatives understand that there is good and evil in this world. Evil must be destroyed before it destroys us.

    Strong measures, wartime measures, must be taken to protect this country from those that wish to annihilate us and our way of life.

    Mr. Trump’s plan to temporarily halt immigration from Muslim countries that are known to either support terrorism or harbor terrorist groups is not only pragmatic, but indeed it is constitutional. It is the constitutional duty of the president of the United States to protect this nation.

    There is simply no way to vet hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees from war zones like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Europe is being destroyed because reckless leaders like Angela Merkel have opened the continent’s doors to a flood of over one million undocumented Muslims arriving with nothing more than a bad attitude and a haversack of Jihad.

    Do you think Americans are stupid? While the left lives in a dream world, the right does not. Mr. Trump understands the threat to his nation and the threat, sir, is not from Swedish Lutherans named Anna and Lars. The threat, sir, is from radical Islam.

    How in God’s name are U.S. immigration authorities supposed to know the true intentions of a 22-year-old Syrian man? It is impossible. You know it is impossible.

    How in God’s name are U.S. immigration authorities supposed to know the true intentions of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees and thousands of other sundry Muslims who wish to arrive on our shores?

    It is impossible. You know it is impossible.

    Whether you, your wife, the Muslim world and millions of Democrats are offended by Mr. Trump’s realistic view of the world is irrelevant.

    Whether you, your wife and son would have been prohibited from emigrating from Pakistan to America under Mr. Trump’s wartime plan is irrelevant. The security of this great land supersedes your desires and the desires of others who wish to come here now. The United States of America has no obligation to open its doors in order to placate foreigners and liberals in our government.

    To adopt any other course but Mr. Trump’s would be a cause for further endangering the lives of Americans every day. That, sir, is unacceptable.

    You attacked Mr. Trump in front of a worldwide audience, yet you can’t understand the fact that he defends himself against attacks from you, Hillary Clinton and the left. What else is one to do sir?

    We must live in a world of reality, not a world of denial, delusion and fantasy the Democrats inhabit every waking day of their lives.

    Radical Islam is the enemy of everyone on this planet who believes in freedom and justice. Until it is destroyed, this nation must protect itself from enemies both foreign and domestic.


    Ray Starmann
    An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan | Fox News
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    I like it.....too bad there wasnt a place for everyone to sign at the bottom. Very well written and Gods own truth
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    Very well said. I think it's almost two letters in one.
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    "This does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists, sir, are indeed Muslims."

    What gets me is the people making all this noise concerning Trump shutting down immigrants from Islam countries until something can be worked out. Folks, I am hear to tell you that the State Dept does it all the time, every day and still doing it and have been doing it for decades. A Consulate needs NO REASON to not approve a visa of any kind (work, tourist, immigration, etc) AND (wait for the punch line) you have no recourse to rebut or take the decision higher - nothing. You can submit again but guess what? On the visa application it asks 'Have you ever been denied a visa before?' They deny visas all the time! My first year back had me ranting to my Congressman because my niece was denied a tourist visa even though I am a native American citizen, excellent financials, own my home (not the bank's) and have held a Top Secret (SCI) clearance almost all my adult life, over 30+ years! Furthermore, the immigration process is a joke. A JOKE! It's a friggin lottery. Honestly! And, even if you win they can deny you at any time. Oh, yes, I know their ridiculous system well having gone through their entire 3-ring circus to get my wife here (green card) legally. So, the real question is WHY HAVEN"T THEY SHUT IT DOWN ALREADY because they have the legal power to do so and they do when it suites them.
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    Personally I believe that they want them here to cause ...well...exactly whats been happening with the police shootings and blm and all the turmoil in our country.
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    got to agree... think in a big way... there could be group of like minded people orchestrating it all... not sure who...

    cause if ya been payin attention this is happening in most western countries...

    and the governments of those countries seem intent on helping it along...

    immigration or deliberate instigation of the fall of western civilization?

    create a need and fill it with your people so you can rule over what's left kinda thing maybe?

    builderburger type perhaps?
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    Its just that I have never seen our country nose dive so fast...there has got to be some kind of organization behind the chaos. I mean organization as in its organized, quick fire incidents one after the other like it was planned or timed
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    What is left out of this issue is that when someone uses a deep personal loss as a premise to promote a political candidate or cause, they forfeit their right to be treated gently because of that loss. The rules are different when a victim becomes an activist.

    Mr. & Mrs. Khan's loss notwithstanding, they are willfully acting as shills for Hillary and should fully expect to be be beat up for it. You can't have it both ways.

    I would say the same for anyone in a similar situation who supports Trump.

    Anyone who has a problem with this should not be making speeches at political conventions.
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    Yep, no bias there.

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    As soon as people stop talking about these people they will be long forgotten about by their leftist supporters.
    Next time some durka durka with a gun shoots up a bunch of non durkas they will be yesterdays news.
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