AN/PVS-7B GEN-3 Goggles

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    <META content="The ITT F5001P - AN/PVSB-7 GEN-3 Goggles" name=description><META content="Night Vision, ITT, ANPVS/7B, F6015B, nvg, S. K. Industries,
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    shooting, rifles, laser diode, GLOCK, Gaston Glock, spec ops" name=keywords><META content="30 days" name=REVISIT-AFTER>The ITT F5001P - AN/PVS-7B GEN-3 Goggles

    F/1.2 Objective Lens
    Automatic High Light Cutoff
    Waterproof, MilSpec Housing
    Uses two AA Batteries
    Low Battery Indicator
    High Resolution GEN-3 Image Tube
    Adjustable Headmount and case supplied

    The AN/PVS-7B is a lightweight self-contained, GEN-3 image intensification system capable of being used hand-held, or mounted to an AN/PVS-B headmount or helmet mount. The AN/PVS-7B is intended to be used in starlight and moonlight for tactcal operations, covert surveillance, reading, vehicle maintenance and administering medical aid. The AN/PVS7-B incorporates a IR light source that provides illumination, whwn required, for close-in viewing. Eyepeice diopter adjustments are provided so the AN/PVS7-B can be worn without corrective eyeglasses.
    ITT's Law Enforcement GEN-3 night vision goggle. With the adjustable headmount, these goggles offer hands-free operation. The 5001 series of goggles all have the same mechanical features as the AN/PVS-7B. These features include a momentary IR-on switch and the ability to use one BA-5567 lithium battery or two AA alkaline batteries. The Model F5001P meets full OMNI-4 Military Specifications, providing the sharpest/brightest image available in an 18mm night vision goggle.

    <TABLE height=269 width="90%" align=center border=1><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle height=19>Model # <TD align=middle height=19>NQ5001 </TD><TD align=middle height=19>NQ5001UL </TD><TD align=middle height=19>F5001P </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=19>Tube Resolution </TD><TD align=middle height=19>45 lp/mm (min) </TD><TD align=middle height=19>51 lp/mm (min) </TD><TD align=middle height=19>64 lp/mm (min) </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=19>Photoresponse </TD><TD align=middle height=19>1300 uA/lm (typ) </TD><TD align=middle height=19>1300 uA/lm (typ) </TD><TD align=middle height=19>1800 uA/lm (min) </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=19>Signal-to-noise </TD><TD align=middle height=19>16:1 (typ) </TD><TD align=middle height=19>16:1 (typ) </TD><TD align=middle height=19>21:1 (min) </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=15>Field of View </TD><TD align=middle colSpan=4 height=15>40° </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=15>Diopter Adj. </TD><TD align=middle colSpan=4 height=15>+2 to -6 </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=15>Eye Relief </TD><TD align=middle colSpan=4 height=15>15 mm </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=15>Interpupilary Adj. </TD><TD align=middle colSpan=4 height=15>55 to 71 mm </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=15>Magnification </TD><TD align=middle colSpan=4 height=15>1:1 </TD></TR><TR><TD align=middle height=15>Focus Range </TD><TD align=middle colSpan=4 height=15>25 cm to infinity </TD><TR><TD align=middle height=15>Weight </TD><TD align=middle colSpan=4 height=15>680 gm </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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    Just bought a set of these today and will follow up with a gear review soon.
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    I've had a pair for five years now. They are great optics, but limit your ability to do much as you either have them on or not. They make for good driving goggles, but when you are out and about, you have to flip them up if you have that capability to see non aided. I like mine when I drive the ATV as they keep the wind out of my eyes, but they suck for walking, there is no depth perception because the image is coming through a single tube, split by prisms.
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    Yup thats for sure, my night sites glow nice in them with or without the IR light on.
    I think I'm going to buy an IR laser too that should make things interesting...
    I see 14's in my distant future as well.
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    The PVS-14's are way better, but I dunno if they are available for non-military. When I use the 14's, they allow me to keep one eye free, thus making it easier to drive and walk. They also have a nifty brightness adj. knob to prevent temporary blindness if you take them off or flip up onto your kevlar. The 7B and 7D's are way too heavy and quite ridiculous when compared to the PVS-14's.

    Just checked. You can buy them as a civilian, with special pricing for Mil. personnel, but holy crap....4 grand? Specs:

    Man. I'm spoiled.
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    An IR laser is the way to go if you are going to be shooting with NV, especially with PVS-7s. PVS-14s are a good option as well since they can also be mounted on the weapon behind a dot sight. PVS-14s are really easy to come by, they are everywhere. You can get them for about $2,000 if you look hard enough. I'm thinking that with the economy collapsing, you will start seeing them become more and more common for less and less.
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