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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Feb 4, 2015.

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    Many of my friends here know that I own a recording studio and write a lot of songs and perform around the country. I am not really locked in to any particular genre of music so what I play often reflect what I am going through at that particular time. Recently, my music has really gained in the charts on Reverbnation, a site that has something like 4.5 million performers and I have climbed to number 19 in the United States and number 24 world-wide and have maintained number 1 in Mobile, Alabama for the past several months. I like to think this is because of really good music, but mostly it is because some really good people enjoy listening to it and downloading and sharing my songs with others. We have entered a competition there to perform in New Orleans at the Hard Rock Rising festival and from there, to Barcelona to perform, if we get enough crowd votes. I hear they have really good gaspacho in Barcelona so I am asking my friends to check in at my reverbnation page and listen or download a few songs, it's free...oh...and while you're there, click on that vote button so I can find out if the gaspacho is really that good. Thanks Mississippi River Crooks Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos
    BTW, Nori Hendrix and Dave Fero, have recently joined my show. Nori is great and Dave was the touring guitarist for Smokey Robinson and the Miracles and the Four Tops, so we've got some A-list players.
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    Your music is amazing! It's very different than what I hear a lot of.

    I frequently play it in the office and get inquiries "Who's that?". :D
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    When you going to be around NOLA? That would be a great gig to attend (as long as I don't have to run sound!)....

    BTW Tracy, the correct question is "Who dat?" ;)
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    I had never heard your music before, though had seen it mentioned. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'd like to get over to New Orleans and play a lot more than we do, it's a great area and only about an hour and a half away. We are doing a show in Nashville with the Hillbilly Madi Gras on February 27 and then in Jackson, TN on the 28th. My father and his girlfriend came down from Tennessee last night to catch one of our shows in Gulf Shores, Alabama; it was the first time he has ever attended one of my performances and they seemed to really enjoy themselves. I am so excited to be performing with Nori Hendix and Dave Fero, along with Rick Hightower on Keyboards and sax, and the LA Wrecks as a backup band, sometimes it gets pretty close to something like the Trans Siberian Orchestra with a bit of a Southern flavor.
    BTW, our very own RH did the excellent branding and design for our album cover and a lovely poem that I have framed and hanging in my studio. I am going to see if I can share it here because it was such an honor. Storyteller.
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    Very Good Music, Sea....
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    We are now raked number 20 on Reverbnation world-wide charts and number 17 in the United States and I am so blown away by it. We are working on a new CD called When it Hits the Fan, LOL, the whole album is about starting over.
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    Brother you rock. Is it possible to purchase a cd if so please pm me. That some good camping music
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    I am sort of blown away by the response we are getting from all over the world to my music. We are ranked number 16 Globally and number 15 Nationally this morning and just a couple months ago was ranked way back in the thousands, except that we have been number 1 in Mobile for several months. Nori and I worked in the studio this weekend and recorded one of the saddest songs I have heard in a while. Just used guitar, 12-string, bass, mandolin, and three-part harmonies...probably ad a violin and maybe piano before we release it. Righthand wrote the words that I used to create The Colourist and This World is A Wicked Place, though I took extreme liberties with them. They are two of my favorites. Here's a link to a song written by Nori Hendrix that will be on our new CD, just a preview but it is a strong song and I know you will enjoy it: Nori Hendrix Songs | ReverbNation
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