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Ancient technology

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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  2. tulianr

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    It's a great show, which brings up some very intriguing questions, but few real answers. Unfortunately, it's doubtful that answers will ever be forthcoming. The mysteries discussed will probably remain mysteries.

    Some of the theories concerning artifacts found doubtless fall victim to a common fallacy; that of looking at a piece of technology from another culture, and assuming that it was used in that culture for exactly the same purposes as it was used in our culture.

    Still, it would be ignorant not to consider the possibility that earlier cultures were at least visited by extraterrestrials. Even "angels" would have to be considered extraterrestrials.
  3. Minuteman

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    I have a thread in the F&R forum about "The Days Of Noah". This is a subject I have been deeply studying for many years now. I was very interested in the Ancient Alien series and have the entire collection that is on DVD so far. It covers much of the things I have been studying for over a decade. However the AA crowd and the Von Daniken groupies reach quite a different conclusion than I. I don't believe that there is any doubt whatsoever that our ancient ancestors possessed equal and possibly even more advanced technology than we do today. Only my research takes it to an area that they refuse to consider. I cannot watch an episode of the series without laughing out loud at least once. They do a fantastic job of presenting the evidences of ancient technology but then they jump to the wild conclusion that this could only have come from aliens! Why? They do not even consider the premise that our very human ancestors might well have been much more advanced than we have ever been taught. Our entire knowledge of ancient history derives from what was left from the Greeks. And it is estimated that less than 1% of their knowledge survives. Reference the Roman burning of the texts in the famed library of Alexandria to heat their baths! So much of the ancient world is a mystery to us. But there is so much evidence being uncovered that supports this theory that only one with a bias or a contrary agenda can turn a blind eye to it. To just make a blanket assumption that any evidence of advanced technology must have an extraterrestrial origin is ludicrous.
    I need to update that thread but I have been deep into the study that I have not had the time to organize my research. I feel like this study will probably turn out to be my life's work. The basic premise is this;
    The creation of our Earth and everything on it is corroborated by science. There is no conflict in the two. The only conflict arises in our interpretation of the two. A creature was created in Genesis one but have we made a great error in calling it "man"? The race of "man" was created in Genesis two. The antediluvian "man" was much more hardy, taller, stronger and longer lived than the creature of Gen. 1. It is his descendants who spread post flood to all the world to bring the scientific knowledge of civilization, agriculture, animal husbandry etc to the primitives living in the far flung reaches of our planet. And it is this race that held advanced technologies that we can only guess of today. The ancient writings that exist tell of these men having the ability of flight. The ability to span the globe. The ability to create and use weapons of such power that they have only been replicated in our life times. My premise is that there is ample evidence that this advanced race interbred with the lower primitive humans and began a degeneration of their unique physical attributes. See the second law of thermodynamics. Everything in nature regresses downwards, it does not progress upwards(a major fly in the ointment of evolution theory). These peoples became the "gods" of legend and myth. The pantheon of Greek,Roman and Egyptian "gods" were no more than the descendents of these ancient advanced humans.
    But being human thy also exhibited the all too human trait of aggression. They eventually went to war with each other and very nearly destroyed the earth in the process.
    My theory is that the "caveman" of legend is no more than the remnants and survivors of this ancient cataclysm. Taking refuge in caves to escape the "nuclear" winter that they themselves had created. Much of their technology was stored in these caves and ancient underground shelters. And it is my belief that only in our lifetimes has this lost technology been rediscovered. That many pieces of this technology has been recovered, and that over time scientists and governments have reverse engineered a lot of it to give us the huge and all too improbable leap into the technological age that we have seen in the last century.
    This theory I am working on reconciles all the different views and theories under one simple umbrella. The creationists and the evolutionists, the ancient alien theorists, the UFOlogists, the Von Danikens and the Graham Hancock followers. I liken this to a bunch of people in a large house, each group put in separate rooms and given a number of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Each group will put together different sections of the big picture and will extrapolate theories on what they are seeing. But each group will invariably come to wildly differing conclusions. Not until the walls are torn down and everyone's pieces come together on one table can the whole picture be seen. I believe that this theory I am working on, once completed, and once I have gathered and presented all of the evidence, all of the puzzle pieces, will do just that. I am currently reading one of over 100 books that I have on the subject. I have just last summer purchased and watched all of the AA series. I have been to many places to see and investigate first hand many of the things that you may hear of in that series, and many you won't. I have been to the Cairo Museum and seen the "Saqqara Bird". I have been to many of the great monolithic structures whose construction defies logical explanation.
    I will eventually complete this work. It may not be until I retire in a few years and can devote my entire time to it. But like I said I feel it will be my life's work when it is finished.

  4. Brokor

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    I am skeptical. Very.

    Again, we see modern people being too afraid to recognize how fragile and insignificant they really are. On the greater scheme of things, humans are but only a sneeze to the Earth and our fantastic universe --a brief moment in time. Some of the advances of the past are intriguing, however. This correlates with the fact that people often worked harder, aspired to do greater things, and did not watch television.
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  5. -06

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    Handling vast loads of weight does not surprise me. Watched an old gent move some 1,000 lb stones by himself. He placed two timbers a few inches apart and "walked" them to the top of his wall. I have used his same "trick" to walk an 80' steel beam into place when we could not get a piece of equipment in to handle it. The pyramids are not so unbelievable when you consider that the Egyptians probably had 10,000 slaves for "horsepower". Ever watch ants work--same principle.
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  6. Brokor

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    Yes, and I already linked several videos in posts on the Crystal Castle in Florida - http://www.survivalmonkey.com/threa...hz-versus-440-hz-explained.34286/#post-225794

    The ancients knew a lot about harmonics, sound, vibrational energies, and magnetic energy for a long time. I wouldn't jump on the slippery slope and claim they were more technologically advanced, but they were certainly more acute to natural phenomena. Freemasonry and other occult orders know a great deal, some of which was lost or kept secret only to inner circles.
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  7. Minuteman

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    Just a few comments. One, the slave built theory on constructing the pyramids. This has been disproven and fallen out of favor in most of the scientific community. There were not enough slaves, or population at large at the time to have provided the labor neccessary to manualy cut, transport and biild the pyramid complexes. Second, the engineering is improbable no matter how large a workforce was involved. Third, moving large heavy stones can be done manually, but that does not explain the massive stones such as are found at Baalbeck in Lebenon. The largest cut and transpored stones ever found in the world. There is no modern equipment available today that can even lift one stone. I am very interested in the harmonics theory and believe there may be something there.

    Another theory that is very interesting is by a chemical engineer who suggests that the stones of the pyramids, and other monolithic structures, were cast not hewn. He has proposed a recipe of materials available at the time and shown how his theorem could be true. Samples of his castings were sent to labs and geologists could not distinguish between his cast stone and the real thing. I don't have my notes to hand so can't recall his name off the top of my head but it is an interesting premise.

    All of these things are well within the range of normal human accomplishment. But there are many things that defy any explanation other than advanced technology. The green sands of the Sahara Desert for one. Large swaths of desert sands that have been melted and fused together causing a sea of green glass. Not until one of the scientists who was working on the Manhattan Project saw the exact same features created after the nuclear blasts in the New Mexico desert that the correlation was made. Robert Oppenhiemer himself commented that this was the first time man had harnessed the power of the atom, in recent times. He was very much a beleiver in ancient adnaced technology.There is evidences found around the globe that suggest the results of nuclear blasts. Vitrified forts around the globe where the stone walls were melted together. Scientists have failed to duplicate this phenomenon. The only heat source great enough to produce the same results is nuclear. Bodies found in ancient cities that died in an instance, ala Pompeii, yet there is no volcanic ash no natural reason for entire cities to have been wiped out in the blink of an eye. The bodies were found to be some of the most radiated remains ever found. Surpassing even those found after the blasts in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

    I agree that people wholly underestimate the ingenuity of mankind. To pass off anything that we don't understand today, as is heard frequently in the AA series, as "it must have come from extraterrestrils" is simply not having faith in the magnificent mind and will of mankind. However there are things that just cannot be explained by modern accepted sciences today. The sudden emergence of fully formed societies, language, archetecture, agriculture, all originated around the globe within a few hundred years. Plant life suddenly emerges that has never been seen before this time. A strain of wheat with 20 more chromosones than anything found before it, that gives it the ability to reproduce faster, stronger and hardier. And the traditions of every advanced society that we know of, that this knowledge was brought to them by another race of people. All dscribed with nearly the same physical attributes in all cultures around the globe.This in itself is strong albeit circumstantial evidence that there were a people in antiquity that possessed the means and abilty of global travel.

    As is quoted in a recent popular series dealing with the unknown, "the truth is out there". We need to look here on earth for it, not to the skies.
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  8. Brokor

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    You are clearly forgetting the morning after all-you-can-eat Mexican food Friday. Duh! Yup, ruined more than one pair of underwear - up in flames. But seriously...there are some old YT vids (thankfully) that show the use of EM manipulation to meld metal objects to stone, or making ordinary objects float and even melt. Tuning EM frequency (since all matter is vibrational energy) to the right setting can do this. Of course --that's with our modern tech. What the heck did the ancients use? I am not saying they couldn't do it...I just don't know HOW exactly.
    Woot! Well said. [winkthumb]
  9. Brokor

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    27 years ago:

    Hutchison effect:

    If one wishes to discuss the movement of massive rock in history, they should take into consideration what we call the "Hutchison effect", utilizing EM manipulation and radio frequencies. This brings us to sound and harmonics. The Egyptians and many ancient cultures had a lot to do with these.

    Coral Castle:
  10. Quigley_Sharps

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    Dr Joseph Davidovits or Professer Hiram Bingham
  11. -06

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    Min-man said: ...." the slave built theory on constructing the pyramids. This has been disproven and fallen out of favor in most of the scientific community. There were not enough slaves, or population at large at the time to have provided the labor neccessary to manualy cut, transport and biild the pyramid complexes"...........
    Have to disagree with that. When the Israelites escaped from Egypt there were about 2 1/4 million. That puts probably 700,000 able bodied men as laborers. Still there were other slaves from other countries. Manpower, IMO was not a problem. Put a thousand men on ropes pulling 100 lbs each is 100,000 pounds of pulling power. Put rollers under anything and the friction is negligible. It is not a mystery when you wrap it with slave labor.
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  12. Minuteman

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    Not trying to restart the discussion but I lost my internet connection before I could respond. Even if we take the most recent, and widely accepted ( but highly disputed) dating for the construction of the Pyramids ie:circa 2500 BC, this predates the Israelite captivity by nearly a millennium. And the method of a "slave" army of builders theory is a giant ramp to drag the blocks up to each level. The problem with that theory is the ramp itself would require more labor intensive construction than the pyramid itself. It would have been a colossal feat of construction that would have made the building of the pyramid look like a tinker toy project. It just simply isn't feasible, and thus fell out of favor as a viable theory many years ago.
  13. Minuteman

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    Here is a document I came across in my archives that touches upon some of the Ancient Technologies subjects I referenced before. A kind of Cliffs Notes on a few of the more interesting subjects.

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  14. Quigley_Sharps

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    Thanks MM
    This is something that has caught my attention in recent times, now I'm doomed to read everything I can get my hands on...LOL
  15. Quigley_Sharps

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    for some reason i cant open the doc
  16. Minuteman

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    Works for me. Shows this before it opens: Microsoft Word 97 - 2003 Document (86.9 KB)
    I "Opened in New Window" and get this. Maybe an older version of Word? I don't know.
  17. Quigley_Sharps

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    Yea thats what it was, I have 2010 version. I was able to down load it., thanks
  18. Minuteman

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    If you get it to work you will find a section on the ruins in Death Valley. This really intrigues me. I have studied Google Earth and you will find that a lot of top secret sites are located near rumored underground caves and ancient sites. The Nevada Test Site, and Area 51, shares the mountain range that witnesses have reported finding underground caverns filled with ancient technology. Coincidence? Part of my theory is that a cataclysmic event, possibly predicated by a global war drove an advanced race underground and produced a "nuclear" winter that brought about the last ice age. That the descendents of this race were forced into a scavenger, subsistence lifestyle and were not the grunting hunter gatherer cavemen that science has claimed. And that they stored what they could salvage of their advanced technology in labyrinths of cave systems around the world. And that we have only recently discovered this technology and have managed to reverse engineer much of it to produce the unimaginable explosion of technology we have witnessed in the last couple of generations.
    These pre-flood ancestors were much taller and stronger, and had a much more developed intellect, were much longer lived, than their modern descendents. They were perceived due to this as "Gods" around the world when they took their knowledge of agriculture, and civilization around the globe to the less developed survivors of the cataclysm. Thus the stories around the word of the "gods" that visited primitive societies. A completely terrestrial race, not men from Mars.
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  19. goinpostal

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    My answer to moving massive objects in Egypt/The Old world is simple.
    "The Elephant"
    They were a fairly common work horse through Africa,and Eurasia in mans earily history.Their domestication probably predates even the horse,or camel.
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  20. Ajax

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    That's pretty interesting. What would one search for to look up more about this or do you have any good links?
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