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Ancient technology

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. kellory

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    Interesting theory, but I don't buy it. If they were "mining the past" there would be a steady supply from just one or a few sources. (number of mined sites) I do follow changes in technology, in fields that affect me and my job, in addition, I have been watching the progression of solar for many years, as they fight for small gains in efficiency. Most of the original ideas, and innovative design changes have come from over seas, and even from kids. I am not seeing ANYTHING that doesn't have a hard fought fight to gain, or an idea that is out of left field.
    It was an Indian KID, who figured out a biofilm added to an existing solar cell caused it to dome slightly, allowing for better capture of light with less tracking needed. They are working on 3D cells, double sided cells,(to catch reflective light wasted on roof installations) Inferred cells for more of the light spectrum, Heat sinks to produce power from the waste heat that restricts solar cells, ect....
    There are too many sources, from too many directions, for this to ring true.
    Reverse engineering is more like copy the parts, to understand what they do, then study what they do to figure out why. Innovation is this is what I think, can I prove it?, Can I improve it? what happens if I do this?It is tuning one variable at a time to get closer to an ideal, and that progression shows in products, tools, design ideas,
    There are dozens of different paths in solar alone, and they are all taking baby steps in labs, instead of finished product ready for sale. If it were a reverse engineered design, it would have been long done, standardized, efficient, and street ready. That is NOT happening.
    Take the Molten Salt Reactor, we built it, run it for years (in the 50's or 60's off the top of my head), found a few small flaws, (easily corrected by today's materials), and we will not use it. China will. They are building it, and they will claim it, even though we invented it. Because we are dragging our feet, because we are afraid of reactors. So no, we are not mining the past, we are giving away the future.
  2. Minuteman

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    I don't have any links at hand. I just bought a new laptop and have all my bookmarks saved on the other one. I would say to Google a few terms.
    Ancient Canal Builders
    Mound Builders
    Death Valley Mummies
    Indus Valley Culture

    Here are the titles to a few of the books I have in my library. All of them available in Kindle edition on Amazon
    Beyond Genesis: The Untold Story of Man's Origins
    Forbidden Archeology
    Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age
    Hidden History
    Dead Men's Secrets: Tantalizing Hints of a Lost Super Race
    The Ancient Alien Question
    Underground!: The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations
    Technology of the Gods: The Incredible Sciences of the Ancients

    That is just a few to get you started if you are serious about further study.
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    Update on Coral Castle:

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    I've always been fascinated by the Coral Castle and it's builder. I think he was on to something. It's a shame that he didn't leave his knowledge behind. Or if he did that it has been covered up. I think Tesla was very close to harnessing unrivaled powers. I hope to get to Florida some day to see the castle in person. I am going to be in London next month and plan to take a trip out to Stonehenge to see that for myself. I have also "discovered" what I hope turns out to be man made pyramid structures on the island of Cyprus that as far as I know have not been researched or investigated by anyone else. I plan to do some scouting and see if I can find evidence of man made stones underlying the earth.

    This is exactly the same structures as found in Bosnia and other places around the region.

    The Mystery of Bosnia's Ancient Pyramids | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine

    World Pyramids - Home
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  5. Minuteman

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    This is just one of several of these perfectly shaped pyramid "hills" I have come across on the island. There are very large pyramid structures in Turkey just about 100 miles away. Pyramids are being found all over the planet. Evidence of a global civilization?

  6. Minuteman

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