and another FlatLander finds out the Alaskan Bush.....

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    and another FlatLander finds out the Alaskan Bush..... Isn't a place for Amateurs.....

    MCGRATH — An Alaska State Trooper in a floatplane rescued a 29-year-old New York City man who set out to build a cabin and live in the wilderness.

    Vladimir Yakushin was picked up Wednesday on the north fork of the Kuskokwim River about 120 river miles northeast of McGrath.

    Troopers described him as low on food and distraught.

    Yakushin had been dropped off nine days earlier at a lake.

    He told troopers he concluded he was not equipped to build a cabin or remain in the area.

    A friend he expected to meet did not appear and a satellite phone he rented didn’t work.

    Yakushin hiked to a river and attempted to float out on a small raft. A state wildlife biologist and pilot spotted him frantically waving his paddles and alerted troopers.
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    he only made it 9 days? geez!
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    I don't get it. Was it his land? Or was he just going to randomly build? That's weird.
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    And this is the GOOD part of the year! Just think if it was winter!
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    My thoughts exactly!! Only nine days and out! Must not know how to fish, hunt or forage!!
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    There is no limit to the ignorance and stupidity of the dumbmasses. Sad to say, a lot of them actually vote.
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    Have any of you seen the show called "Alone"? Another one that claims to have trained survival "experts". Drops 10 off on Vancouver Island with more gear than many early trappers had. Last one out gets a half million bucks. I think the last one out in season 1 made it 40 days. this season one didn't even make it to nightfall before calling the crew in to extract him. Seems as if they mostly sit around whining about loneliness and having to catch food, or having to spend the time boiling water. A HALF MILLION BUCKS!!! and can't get to nightfall the first day? This season they are already down to four of ten and it's only been 38 days. One was reduced to catching mice with a dead fall trap.
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    he would never made it in the 40,s and 50,s out in the sticks like I grew up in sheese what a babe in the woods
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    Actually Alan Kay(a friend with Chris Weatherman) made it to 56 days and the producers called the show since he was the last one standing.

    Problem with Vancouver Island they could not have a firearm.

    They could only take 10 items including traps, knife, axe,small fishing kit, a pot, ferorod, ........just 10 items. They were allowed personal clothing amd outwear that was not part of the "10".
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    People like that are just part of Nature.
    Bears gotta eat, too, y'know.
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    Van island is a goldmine for wild food.

    1. Tent
    2. Knife
    3. Axe
    4. Zippo
    5. Box of yoyo auto fishers
    6. Box of hooks
    7. Map
    8. Crossbow
    9. Broadhead bolts
    10. Picture book on "edible plants of the PNW"

    For 1/2 mil...ya i think i could prolly hit 40 days.
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  13. AD1

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    Long bow only and 6 arrow. They Had to stay where assigned. A tent was not on the list st of approved items
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    Full Gear List and Prohibited Items

    Each Alone participant brings clothing, safety, and survival gear to Vancouver Island. Here’s a list of all of the standard items the participants are given, as well as the master list from which they are allowed to select ten special items. Finally, there is a list of prohibited items.

    *These items do not count towards the 10 special items, but may not exceed the approved quota for each.


    1. 1 pair high leg Hunting boots
    2. 2 pairs of Outdoor Pants (can unzip into shorts)
    3. 1 t-shirt
    4. 2 fleece or wool shirts (hooded or unhooded)
    5. 3 pairs wool socks
    6. 1 hat (brimmed, wool or baseball)
    7. 1 bandana or shemagh
    8. 1 pair gloves
    9. 1 light outdoor jacket
    10. 2 pairs underwear
    11. 1 rain jacket and rain trousers
    12. 1 thermal underwear (long)
    13. 1 pair of gaiters
    14. 1 pair of Crocs, Teva sandals or Keen sandals
    15. 1 toothbrush
    16. 1 pair of prescription eye glasses
    17. 1 personal photograph

    *These items were provided to each participant and did not count towards the 10 special items.


    1. 1 wool sweater (heavy)
    2. 1 pair of gloves (wool/Dachsteins)
    3. 1 trapper’s hat with ear protection or toboggan

    *We will provide the following items to each participant. These items do not count towards the 10 special items.


    1. 2 safety tools (may consist of a canister of wild animal repellant, an air horn and/or 1 flare)
    2. 1 rules and regulations guide
    3. 1 backpack
    4. 1 camera pack
    5. Camera equipment
    6. 1 emergency flare
    7. 1 satellite phone
    8. 1 emergency personal flotation device
    9. 1 first aid kit (military type – tourniquet, wadding, ace bandage, alcohol, plastic bag, etc)
    10. 1 small mirror
    11. 1 20×20 canvas tarp
    12. 1 10×10 tarp for protecting camera and equipment
    13. 1 GPS tracking device
    14. 1 head lamp
    15. 1 emergency rations pack to include water and food

    *Each participant must choose TEN total items from the following list. Selections are final. Once chosen, no items may be swapped out or replaced. These will be each participant’s unique tools used to survive in the wilderness on camera.



    1. 12×12 ground cloth/tarp (grommets approved)
    2. 8 mm climbing rope – 10M
    3. 550 parachord – 20m
    4. 1 hatchet
    5. 1 saw
    6. 1 ax


    1. 1 multi-seasonal sleeping bag that fits within provided backpack
    2. 1 bivy bag (Gore-Tex sleeping bag cover)
    3. 1 sleeping pad
    4. 1 hammock


    1. 1 large (no more than 2 quart) pot, includes lid
    2. 1 steel frying pan
    3. 1 flint or ferro rod set
    4. 1 enamel bowl for eating
    5. 1 spoon
    6. 1 canteen or water bottle
    7. 1 bear canister


    1. 1 bar soap
    2. 1 8 oz tube of toothpaste
    3. 1 face flannel
    4. 1 40 m roll of dental floss
    5. 1 small bottle bio shower soap
    6. 1 shaving razor (and 1 blade)
    7. 1 towel (30” x 60”)
    8. 1 comb


    1. 1 300-yard roll of nylon single filament fishing line and 25 assorted hooks (No lures)
    2. 1 primitive bow with 6 Arrows (must be predominately made of wood)
    3. 1 small gauge gill net (8 m x 2 m OR 1.5 m deep x 3.6 m long and 2” [50 mm] mesh)
    4. 1 slingshot/Catapult
    5. 1 net foraging bag
    6. 1 3.5 lb roll of trapping wire


    1. 5 lbs of beef jerky (protein)
    2. 5 lbs of dried pulses/legumes/lentils mix (starch and carbs)
    3. 5 lbs of biltong (protein)
    4. 5 lbs of hard tack military biscuits (carbs/sugars)
    5. 5 lbs of chocolate (Simple/complex sugars)
    6. 5 lbs of pemmican (traditional trail food made from fat and proteins)
    7. 5 lbs of gorp (raisins, m&m’s and peanuts)
    8. 5 lbs of flour (starch/carbs)
    9. 2 lbs of rice or sugar and 1 lb of salt


    1. 1 pocket knife
    2. 1 hunting knife
    3. 1 Leatherman multi-tool
    4. 1 sharpening stone
    5. 1 roll of duct tape or 1 roll of electrical tape
    6. 1 small shovel
    7. 1 small sewing kit
    8. 1 carabineer
    9. 1 LED flashlight
    10. 1 pair of ice spikes

    *The following items are PROHIBITED. This list is not exhaustive. Any item not listed above is also prohibited.

    1. Fuel or matches
    2. Bug spray/mosquito repellant.
    3. Sunscreen/chap stick
    4. Sunglasses
    5. Beauty products
    6. Map (detailed topographical)
    7. Compass
    8. Unapproved technology (anything with a battery or an engine, eg. cell phones, computers, watches, etc.)
    9. Professional snares
    10. Firearms of any kind
    11. Ammunition
    12. Explosives or gunpowder
    13. Animal poison
    14. Professional fishing rods
    15. Fishing lures, flies, bait kits
    16. Fishing traps
    17. Food or beverage (except the options from the selection list)
    18. Decoys
    19. Animal calls
    20. Tree stands
    21. Professional bows or crossbows
    22. Scopes of any kind
    23. Tents or shelters
    24. Stoves, pressure cookers or other cooking appliances
    25. Hydration packs
    26. Fire pits
    27. Electric or propane lanterns
    28. Inflatable boats
    29. Filtration, purification devices, iodine tablets
    30. Coolers or food storage boxes (except optional bear canister)
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    Sorry for going OT. I will delete if you wish.
  16. MountainMariner

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    Says he didn't know it would be spongy wet tundra when he bought the land sight unseen...

    I would have never guessed just by looking at a topo map:

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  17. Asia-Off-Grid

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    I can only imagine what he paid for it. He may also be the owner of the Brooklyn Bridge, as well.
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  18. MountainMariner

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    It says in the article. 5.5 acres for $9,400.00. I'm guessing you could buy that very same tract on sale now. Can't believe too much from that ADN article. Said all the black spruce were small and good for a cabin. Yet somehow his good neighbor that did not show up managed to start a pretty decent cabin in the very same articles photograph.
  19. BTPost

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    No Need @AD1 .... It just goes to show, that FlatLanders should come visit in the summer FIRST, and get the lay of the Land, before making a year round commitment, in the Alaskan Bush.... I wasn't surprised by the article at all..... I bet the Trooper was LHAO after the guy left......
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  20. MountainMariner

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    "I'm Russian from Siberia, strong like bull." (Insert rusky accent here)

    Probably smelled like one too when he was picked up.
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