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    Scientists??? ROFL!

    Plankton Cause Hurricanes! Urgent Action Required! | Watts Up With That?

    LOL..."Ocean’s Color Affects Hurricane Paths"!!! ... SAY WHAT?!?

    The darker the color, the stronger the hurricane????...
    And plankton is actually the cause of the hurricanes?!?!?


    Read next week: Earth worms are causing the earthquakes, and flies are causing thunderstorms!!! stomach hurts...all this laughing is making me thirsty...And watch out for those nasty killer plankton!!!

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    Without plankton, the earth would lose 70% of its oxygen supply. And of course, we are still harvesting sharks in unregulated fashion. Once the sharks are gone (dolphins are being hunted heavily as well), plankton feeders may very well grow out of proportion, further limiting the oxygen we breathe. Of course, mankind is used to taking the extreme route, so we will probably hunt the plankton feeders to extinction also. After a few generations of oil spill catastrophes and chemicals introduced to the seas to counteract these spills, we can finally have ourselves one massive swimming pool with absolutely no life in it at all.

    Humanity is the disease.
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    HUH...Unfortunately, I agree... :rolleyes:
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    I noticed one thing in the English language, that I just don't understand...You guys say for killing animals "harvesting"...I mean, wheat is harvested, plants are harvested...animals are either slaughtered or just plainly killed...why the term "harvested"? They are not plants...
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    Many fish reproduce rapidly enough for the term to be adequate, but you are correct. When it comes to sharks, they cannot reproduce rapidly. In fact, it can take up to 25 years for a shark to reach sexual maturity.
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    Not only you, Brokor...all hunting sites and magazines use the same term...In my language, as in all Balkan languages, It's impossible to use harvesting term for anything that is not plant...even mushrooms! That's why it sounded strange to me...
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    Well, in all fairness --all life came from the ocean. ;) Unless you are some type of crazy religious nutjob and think that some invisible man created everything, the scientific explanation offers a more believable reason for this. Of course, I personally don't completely believe in any of it, but that's my nature --not everybody is the same.

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    Bane, "harvesting' is basically any technique used to take from a renewable resource (crops, animals, trees, body cells) leaving enough remaining to reproduce the loss.
    So, yes, we 'harvest' game animals. Sort of a semantics game.

    But down here in the Deep South - we don't say "I'm going harvesting for deer!"
    I go out and HUNT for deer. Too often I don't find one. In some places they have 'canned hunts' - essentially farm-raised game animals in large fenced enclosures, and the paying 'hunter' shoots the animal dead. He considers himself a 'hunter'. I'd call him a 'harvester'........ :rolleyes:
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    I see...Thanks for the explanation.
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    I am a bit confused with your statement/argument. I have no problem with plankton. It seems you are interested in saving the plankton, to support oxygen production. Again, I support that. Then you go off on this confusing tangent about shark and dolphin harvesting, saying that plankton feeders may grow out of proportion. whale sharks eat plankton, krill eat plankton, shrimp ditto, mullet ditto, lots of small fishes ditto. Sharks will kill dolphins and whales and feed off them. Dolphin eat fish and shrimp, and whales for the most part eat krill and fish. Their are plenty of preditory fish besides sharks, and in our federal waters shark kills are severely limited. Justifiably so. In most of the world whale kills are banned, and countries where dolphin are killed are mostly 3rd world areas.
    oils spill effects are iffy and mostly unknown as of yet.
    I just don't see your out of balance threat. .... Enlighten me.
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    You don't understand because you contradict yourself. You need to watch the documentary "Sharkwater". You can watch for free on YouTube: YouTube - Sharkwater Part 1 of 9

    My point is pretty clear. And whale sharks are a part of the shark species which are being hunted to extinction. You obviously are having trouble seeing the point and I do not know how else to word it, Tac. And no -there is no replacement for a 450 million year old predator that is at the TOP of the food chain in the ocean. Sharks had no enemy until man, and look how short of a span we have existed in comparison? Sharks have survived 5 major extinctions -humans will probably cause the 6th, but will they survive us?

    If you don't understand the role plankton plays, the role predators play, and how there must be balance in nature, then my argument is worthless to you. I hope I have been clear enough. If not, no big deal. It's not like humanity will stop raping the planet any time soon anyway.

    It is true that "international regulations" are crap -they only serve to benefit large corporate operations and punish small fishing and private fisherman. I don't care for regulating the world's oceans. All I am doing is making it known that humans have become a cancer on the earth and unless we change our tune, we won't have much of a world left to appreciate. I don't like all the "tree-huggers" and liberals who push for saving animals only to get some government policy instituted. These measures only serve to further add to our inherent problems.
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