And the bankers usher in the era of the Yuan

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    SHANGHAI, Jan 5 - The World Bank issued its first yuan-denominated bond, raising $76 million and trying to promote the use of the Chinese currency in international markets at a time when China's stake in the institution is about to increase.

    World Bank taps offshore yuan bond market for first time - Yahoo! Philippines News

    and another article:

    My Way News - World Bank issues its 1st yuan bonds in Hong Kong

    Analysts say Beijing wants to see the yuan, also known as the renminbi, or people's money, become a global currency like the dollar or euro, though that could take years or decades.
    Increased use of the yuan abroad could help China by reducing the exchange-rate risks faced by its exporters, who now are paid mostly in dollars.
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    The fact that China has invested in our debt to the point at which it is the majority shareholder might play a small role in how long it takes for the Yuan to become a global currency.

    Yeah, a bad omen for sure. But, it's not like we didn't expect this. Once this happens, and the Dollar is removed as the global currency of choice -it's game over. No more endless debt for America, a loaf of bread will cost a million dollars, and who knows what else.
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    Well, they say years but with $120 Trillion in actual National Debt, our purse strings might be cut off a bit earlier. I can see the dollar shift being used as a "weapon" against our country. Economic Warfare.
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