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    I just learned of this actual awards ceremony held each year for the last 23 yrs. The Ig Nobel prize is awarded to scientific achievements that were, well unorthodox to say the least. While many of the recipients are very funny the ones from the USA are not that funny at all when you consider that it is our tax money funding these projects, in many instances, I don't have a record of just how many projects received government funding but no doubt the winner of the Ig Nobel "Peace" prize in 2007 was the United States Air Force, Wright Laboratory for their research in chemical weapons that produced a "Gay Bomb". A non lethal bomb that would make enemy soldiers irresistibly attracted to each other sexually. Talk about make love not war!

    PEACE PRIZE: The Air Force Wright Laboratory, Dayton, Ohio, USA, for instigating research & development on a chemical weapon -- the so-called "gay bomb" -- that will make enemy soldiers become sexually irresistible to each other.

    REFERENCE: "Harassing, Annoying, and 'Bad Guy' Identifying Chemicals," Wright Laboratory, WL/FIVR, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, June 1, 1994.

    Some other examles of our tax money at work is the 2012 winner of the Ig Nobel Literature prize, the U.S. Government General Accountability Office for their ground breaking report on the estimation of the cost of creating reports. No kidding.

    LITERATURE PRIZE: The US Government General Accountability Office, for issuing a report about reports about reports that recommends the preparation of a report about the report about reports about reports.

    REFERENCE: "Actions Needed to Evaluate the Impact of Efforts to Estimate Costs of Reports and Studies," US Government General Accountability Office report GAO-12-480R, May 10, 2012.

    This is an international award and the prizes are not limited to just USA, for instance the multi-national team that took home last years Psychology Prize. ( I would have volunteered to be a test subject for this one!)

    PSYCHOLOGY PRIZE: Laurent Bègue [FRANCE], Brad Bushman [USA, UK, the NETHERLANDS, POLAND], Oulmann Zerhouni [FRANCE], Baptiste Subra [FRANCE], and Medhi Ourabah [FRANCE], for confirming, by experiment, that people who think they are drunk also think they are attractive.

    REFERENCE: "'Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beer Holder': People Who Think They Are Drunk Also Think They Are Attractive," Laurent Bègue, Brad J. Bushman, Oulmann Zerhouni, Baptiste Subra, Medhi Ourabah, British Journal of Psychology, epub May 15, 2012.

    Below are a link explaining the Award and another with a list of past winners. What is your favorite?

    Improbable Research

    Improbable Research
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    Yup, Just about what one would expect from our .gov... OPM!!!!
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    The prize should be a one-way ticket to the FUEL!
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    The second link is a list of all the past winners. There are some really looney ones. Here's a few of my favorites;

    PROBABILITY PRIZE: Bert Tolkamp [UK, the NETHERLANDS], Marie Haskell [UK], Fritha Langford [UK, CANADA], David Roberts [UK], and Colin Morgan [UK], for making two related discoveries: First, that the longer a cow has been lying down, the more likely that cow will soon stand up; and Second, that once a cow stands up, you cannot easily predict how soon that cow will lie down again.

    REFERENCE: "Are Cows More Likely to Lie Down the Longer They Stand?" Bert J. Tolkamp, Marie J. Haskell, Fritha M. Langford, David J. Roberts, Colin A. Morgan, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, vol. 124, nos. 1-2, 2010, pp. 1–10.

    PUBLIC HEALTH PRIZE: Kasian Bhanganada, Tu Chayavatana, Chumporn Pongnumkul, Anunt Tonmukayakul, Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, Krit Komaratal, and Henry Wilde, for the medical techniques described in their report "Surgical Management of an Epidemic of Penile Amputations in Siam" — techniques which they recommend, except in cases where the amputated penis had been partially eaten by a duck. [THAILAND]WTH!!

    REFERENCE: "Surgical Management of an Epidemic of Penile Amputations in Siam,"

    Hmm, might work in the monkey tree. Everyone submit your pictures.
    ANATOMY PRIZE: Frans de Waal [The Netherlands and USA] and Jennifer Pokorny [USA] for discovering that chimpanzees can identify other chimpanzees individually from seeing photographs of their rear ends.

    REFERENCE: "Faces and Behinds: Chimpanzee Sex Perception"

    MEDICINE PRIZE: Emmanuel Ben-Soussan and Michel Antonietti [FRANCE] for advising doctors who perform colonoscopies how to minimize the chance that their patients will explode.

    REFERENCE: "Colonic Gas Explosion During Therapeutic Colonoscopy with Electrocautery,"

    PUBLIC HEALTH: Ellen Kleist of Nuuk, Greenland and Harald Moi of Oslo, Norway, for their cautionary medical report "Transmission of Gonorrhea Through an Inflatable Doll."

    REFERENCE: "Genitourinary Medicine,"

    MANAGED HEALTH CARE: The late George and Charlotte Blonsky of New York City and San Jose, California, for inventing a device (US Patent #3,216,423) to aid women in giving birth — the woman is strapped onto a circular table, and the table is then rotated at high speed.

    BIOLOGY: Buck Weimer of Pueblo, Colorado for inventing Under-Ease, airtight underwear with a replaceable charcoal filter that removes bad-smelling gases before they escape.

    Wonder if this was during Octoberfest? "I wasn't hanging out at the bar all day, I was doing research!"
    PHYSICS: Arnd Leike of the University of Munich, for demonstrating that beer froth obeys the mathematical Law of Exponential Decay.

    [REFERENCE: "Demonstration of the Exponential Decay Law Using Beer Froth," Arnd Leike, European Journal of Physics, vol. 23, January 2002, pp. 21-26.]

    LINGUISTICS PRIZE: Juan Manuel Toro, Josep B. Trobalon and Núria Sebastián-Gallés, of Universitat de Barcelona, for showing that rats sometimes cannot tell the difference between a person speaking Japanese backwards and a person speaking Dutch backwards.

    REFERENCE: "Effects of Backward Speech and Speaker Variability in Language Discrimination by Rats,"

    "Honey I was not hanging out at a strip club all night! I was doing important research!"
    ECONOMICS PRIZE. Geoffrey Miller, Joshua Tybur and Brent Jordan of the University of New Mexico, USA, for discovering that professional lap dancers earn higher tips when they are ovulating.

    REFERENCE: "Ovulatory Cycle Effects on Tip Earnings by Lap Dancers: Economic Evidence for Human Estrus?"

    PEACE PRIZE: Alexander Lukashenko, president of Belarus, for making it illegal to applaud in public, AND to the Belarus State Police, for arresting a one-armed man for applauding.
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