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    But first breaking spin, er News:

    Jobs, jobs, Steve Jobs, job jobs, Free trade jobs,
    Euro Zone
    Assassination plot
    Iran Nuclear Program
    Economic Crisis in Europe
    Home Land security enacts new procedures
    Mexican drug cartel invades New Mexico
    Israel Defense forces attack
    Congress fails to pass budget extension again (big surprise)
    Iran retaliates
    Obama seen as only leader in free world to mitigate the and suppress the middle east contagion
    Illegal aliens amnestied and offered the right to vote.
    Federal Reserve releases FRNs found in old storage closet.
    Price of gas hits 5 dollars in the lower 48.
    Politicians offering what ever they think they can get away with.
    New Mexico holds the Electoral College votes that decide the fate of the free world.
    Canada runs thousands of miles of razor along their southern border.
    Americans turned away at crossings unless they have Canadian funds
    Mexico Annexes California, Arizona and New Mexico due to popular vote of the newly empowered previously illegal aliens to succeed from the US.
    Alaska becomes its own country.
    Martial law is declared
    all river crossings either guarded or destroyed
    US population centers running out of food
    FEMA offering 2 hots and a cot. 10 of Millions signup willingly, others not so much.
    Interstate exchanges and exits closed
    small towns cut off

    Volcanoes long since dormant start spewing ash and lava
    lahars and pyroclastic flows kill millions in washington, oregon, chile, kuala lampur, europe and north east asia.

    huge earthquakes destroy metropolitan areas around the globe.

    Society breaks down
    muslims killing muslims
    christians killing christians
    etcetera ..

    strangely enough groups that aren't effected are the aboriginal peoples and the Amish.

    Ash from volcanic activity blocks out the sun except above 50 degrees latitude all the way to the poles.

    all the plants die out
    water is poisoned due to the volcanic fallout
    all the livestock perishes in the stockyards and small farms alike
    Billions upon billions of people are dead or dying.

    world population decreases to 300 million a fraction of what it was just months before.

    largest groups or bands as it were number 50 souls at most
    society has collapsed
    distance from band to band is hundreds of miles with nothing but waste land separating them.

    groups pray to their God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Mother Creator for a lifting of the scourge that laid waste to them.

    Their prayers may go unanswered because them idiots re-elected 0.

    Friends don't let friends vote Democrat.
  2. beast

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    if things hold off a couple more years, i and my collection will survive all but a direct hit
  3. dragonfly

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    Aw c'mon now don't sugar coat it!
    I can take it!
    So what's the really bad news?
    ( yikes!)
  4. VisuTrac

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    see second to last line ;)
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