Anderson Powerpole DC connectors

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    Finished this last weekend installing 30 amp Powerpole PP30 DC connectors on my ham gear. The Molex connectors were OK I have never had a Molex fail but they did get hot after extended use.

    I use Powerpole as my standard connector for all DC power.

    As indicated in these links the Powerpole is becoming a standard for Ecom groups

    VARA W2VTM - RACES 30A Standard Anderson Powerpole Connector

    Anderson Powperpole IDEAS


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    Good stuff, used them for over 30 years. Well made and you can stack them using various colors and end up with a fully keyed and color coded stacked plug. The same Company produces the most used battery connectors on electric fork trucks. I also use them on show cars and cars to be stored for long periods. Add a couple of these in the middle of a good set of jumper cables and you no longer have to worry about arcing when you connect to another battery, then you just hook up the connectors in the center of the jumper cable and since they are keyed you will be good to go. Yet another thing is to have your Battery Charger set up the same way and you never need to use alligator clips again. Just break your battery cables, plug in the charger and charge as needed.
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    I love my Anderson Powerpoles. Greatest interoperability device ever made in my opinion..
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    Another advantage is US made! At least they were a few years back when I stocked up.

    On their site they have a Chinese flag linking to their Chinese site so they may be moving production overseas..

    Powerpole Connectors
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