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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TXKajun, May 6, 2012.

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    I've been intrigued by both tablet computers and Android apps for a while now. My DS shops at Hastings for his Xbox games and fhe last few times I brought him over there, I noticed they had their nextbook Premium 7 on sale for $119, usually $180. After researching it, I decided it would make Sweetie a great Mothers' Day prezzie, so I got her one. She's not the best when it comes to setting up computers or hooking to network or downloading and installing software, so when I got home, I charged the unit, set up to run on our wireless network and then started working with it. After about an hour, I headed back to Hastings and got one for ME!!!

    Yep, I was that impressed! The "kickers" were the Netflix app and the ability to use a SD card for expansion. Absolutely unbelieveable! Plus full color screen. Wow!

    Add on the email connectibility, search with any engine, ease of use and ability to read any ebook format and download and run any Android app and I think this unit is a definite winner. I noticed in the Hastings ad today that you can get a free stylus if you buy them together this week.

    Only complaint is short battery life, but it works great hooked up to the charger.

    Nice job, Hastings and nextbook.

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    The rockchip processor kills it for me. They're fine if you plan to leave it stock, but Android to me is all about user customization and my favorite custom ROM's don't work 100% correctly with tablets and phones using rockchip processors. ClockWorkMod Recovery works fine but ROM's such as CyanogenMod will either not work at all or will work but lack proper WIFI functionality or other issues with things such as the screens ability to change from portrait to landscape properly.
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    *blink* *BLINK* Huh???? RR, I understand most of the individual words you wrote, but put them together like you did and I have NO idea what you're talking about. My geekspeak don't work so hot! LOL

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    Another android nerd?! I run cyanogen on my nexus and fresh on my evo. Got my gf the kindle fire, rooted it and that thing is sweet now too.
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    I picked up a used Nook, it was already rooted with cyanogen. I've been loving it.
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    Didn't have a choice but to become one. Phone was passed down from the woman when she upgraded and because of Carrier IQ I decided I'd have to flash it something that didn't contain the privacy violating big brother ware. Didn't take too long until I realized how much faster my low end phone could run with a better ROM like Cyanogen or CTMod.
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    Let me run this through my nerd translator:

    The chipset (little square thingies on the inside of the tablet's case) doesn't allow many of the modifications that Android user's expect. For most, Android gives the user the ability to customize the operating system and kernel that gives the user complete control over the tablet's features.

    To "root" a device is to remove the old operating system and put a new "ROM" (upgraded operating system/kernel). These ROMS have unique features, for example, giving the user the ability to "overclock" the CPU (the brain of the computer).

    All Android operating systems are named after desserts. So, if you hear someone to refer to their FROYO system, or their Gingerbread system, they're talking about the OS--similar to Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. The latest stable OS is called "Ice Cream Sandwich" and rocks hot lava.

    In reference to other tablets, like the iPad (think 'extremely boring'), tablets with more recent editions of Android have home screens that are fully customizable and dynamic (you can see your daily calendar and the last 5 emails, for example). This allows the user complete control over their opposed to Apple products whose users don't really want to think about such things and are OK to let Apple make such decisions for them.

    It's about freedom! I have put all ROMs on my tablet, including ICS, but have settled on Flashback C7.
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    Guit, many thanks for the translation. I'm starting to suspect I may have done even better than I first thought. Looks like a bit of Google fu may have to be performed to see how/if I can "help" my little tablet be all it can be. :)

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    Well, I think it all depends on the chipset (again) on your device. I have a Tegra 2, which will handle about anything you throw at it (as of now). When I put ICS on it, it was painfully slow--which I think was related to the Dalvik cache and the way I formatted the memory. So, I went back to Honeycomb, which is very good IMO. (Froyo was just as boring as the iPad to me and I never used it--I have an iPad2 also...big paperweight). You should be able to find a Honeycomb mod for your device. Check out Android Tablet Forum : Forums covering all Android Tablets or Android Tablet Forum. I originally started on the XDA dev site and it went downhill.

    Also, for anyone else reading who has an Amazon Prime account and streams videos: you'll have to experiment with each mod, but I've generally found them to support Adobe Flash playback, something Apple will not do. This virtually eliminates using Amazon's Cloud services on iPads...a deal breaker for me.
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