Angry American's trilogy - "Going Home" "Surviving Home" and "Escaping Home"

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    I've just finished reading these three books which showcase Morgan Carter who finds himself 200 miles from home (Florida) when a disaster (sorry, not the slightest spoiler here) strikes and of course he is a prepper and gears up and head's home. This journey highlights the obvious carnage that ensues, many of the horrific behaviors we will and have done to each other when we're in desperate survival mode, etc. Mindset, being a law unto yourself, picking what category of morals to adopt if any, kill or be killed, trust or not to trust others, etc. ALl very gripping details and it's a very, very nice read. I like these better than One Second After, Patriot, Deep Winter, and some others I've read.

    Surviving Home, is of course what Morgan does once reuinted with his wife and three girls, other corresponding groups as they reunite with Morgan, how society is changed, what our country is doing about it and about us (not good), and of course the overall story sets in as the big bad guy takes advantage of the trouble it caused and ultimately results in Morgan making the decision with his family and friends to fight to survive in his community.

    Escaping Home, the fan hath been decimated by so much feces that it is indeed time to bug out of his neighborhood to safer confines and begin "the fight" against the bad guy against big odds.

    THe fourth book is in the works and I can't wait. Anyway, highly recommend this series of books as it covers many modern and well detailed survival aspects relating to gear, mindset, skillset, morals, endurance, etc.
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    I'll second this…very good series.
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    Agreed. I've had the pleasure of talking to the author on several occasions and he's a great guy, has actually used most of the gear he lists in the books, and it's been a real pleasure seeing him reach such a level of success with this series. Basically, not only is this a great series, but it's a chance to support a fellow survivalist.
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    Just finished the last of the series that's available. Can't wait for the next one come out in June. Excellent reads with what I consider a good take on how things would turn in such a situation.

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    Bought the series for Kindle App on my Tablet. I Liked Them :)
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    Yup, they were a good read.
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    Think I saw that there is going to be a 4th book but don't recall WHEN
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    I' m not into the learning of this army stuff, BUT I read the Surviving Home and see that this has been written by someone who has a know for whats going to happen to this country. I believe its coming and am scared. I know that I'm not ready and my age is against me, but believe its on the way. We have kids that should be able to do something and hope the BAD GUYS get it. Most of the country now has the bad guys in charge. Stop them. Please.
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    I will put it on my reading list. Even the Kindle verse is pricey.
  11. Motomom34

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    I am currently reading the first book in this series. I really am enjoying it. Once again I am questioning the contents of my travel bag. I find that he has some stuff in his backpack that make sense. I like that the character also questions what he had in his bag plus what he prepped. I think we all question what is the most important food, security, comms etc.. I think this is a series that I will follow to the end. Some parts are real interesting and thought provoking.

    I found part of this review on Amazon. This is something I questioned as I read the book. The weight of the pack and his duplication of items. I question what is the barest minimal that I would leave in my bag if I had to walk.

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  12. smithcp2002

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    A great read, good base line to start putting my life back in perspective.
  13. john316

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    very good set of 5 books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have read the series and really enjoyed it. If you are looking for something to read I suggest The Survivalist Series by Dr. Arthur Bradley. There are currently 8 books in the series with another about to be released.
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    I think its 7 books andhe is starting it up again due to popular demand.

    He is looking for new characters for the book. If you go to his FB page and post in that thread, you could be immortalized in his next books.
    Angery American | Facebook

    I am there as a Apache Attack Helo pilot
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    Reading "Charlie's Requiem" by A. American and another writer, which I got at the library. Can't find books? Hit the library! They don't have it? Use the interlibrary loan system! End of plug.

    Can't say I'm too impressed so far, but only 2/3-3/4 way the through. It did get better the farther I read, but it ain't one of the top 100 "survivalist" books I've read either. Maybe the "Going Home" series is better. So far it rather disjointed, there are characters that he spends a chapter on (about 10 pages, the book is only 120 or so pages) who then have dropped off the map for the next 70 pages. A little good stuff and a lot of "Yeah? And.....? Now what?!"
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  18. T. Riley

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    I've read them all except the last. It is one of my favorite series.
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    Same here - it's next on my list.
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    I just finished the 9th book. I liked it best of all. Bradley is the real deal. He has a web site devoted to EMP testing and products.
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