Animal Camo, nature knows best and your life is on the line.

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    Camo type, color and mother nature, where you are and what you are all depends on if you are seen..
    Try this below and I will say that some very large animals are close at hand.
    Can you guess the camo color and the animal?
    Good luck.

    I will post a picture with the Camo Animals in the open in a day or two.

    What do you see 4.JPG What do you see 2.JPG What do you see 1.JPG Well now the what's best depends on What do you see 4.JPG What do you see 3.JPG
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    Easy one, bottom picture is some type of white furry guy.

    Thing is, the same animal is in most of the pictures, only a slight change in sunlight and viewers location make the difference.

    So where is the Mom?

    Find her yet?
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    Here are the two subjects in question. The Cow would maim or kill in a second if you made the Calf cry out.

    Both animals were in all pictures. No more than 10 feet away from the camera. Hard to see until they moved. What do you see 5.JPG
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    A good illustration of blending in. It is movement that catch,s most peoples attention. Was out hunting and noted a flock of birds that veard off from a tree. I froze in place and scannded with my eyes and VERY slow turn of the head. Was about ready to step off when a ruffed grouse blew out of the trees about where the birds had spooked from. I waited longer slow scanning and came face to face with a young buck not 12 feet away. He just could not make out what I was or up to. Kept dipping his head looking at me and glancing around himself. This went on for at least another 10 minutes. I did'nt want him and as soon as I move the barrel of my rifle he blew out of there. If I had waited a bit more and he turned to move off I may have had a chance to drop him. Pattern and movement catch the eye.
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    Very true. Movement will bust you faster than anything else, with deer. Their eyes do not see fine detail, but they see more into the UV than we do. And with their eyes positioned, as they are, to the sides, they can see every direction, except roughly 60 degrees directly behind their heads or straight up. Even though they can't see reds (the rods and cones are not there for that color) they see even camo as blue-grey shades, due to the UV enhancers used in the dyes to keep the colors from fading.
    Normal laundry soap has "brighteners" in it, to keep your colors vivid, so hunters must use hypoallergenic soap (no dyes, scents, or brighteners) or buy much more expensive soap (just for hunters) that does the same thing.
    If he stamps, he is trying to get you to move, because that is how he identifies what you are. Movement is a dead giveaway.
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    Yes movement is key.

    In this picture you can see the Cow's nose and eyes.

    Divide the picture in quarters and then look at the upper left quarter on the right for the cow.

    The calf is in the lower left quarter.

    What do you see 2.JPG And yes I was looking for them for the calf was only a few days old and I was checking on their health.
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    When hunting I never make sudden movements. May take me 15 seconds to scratch my nose--move fast and you will never see Bambi.
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    Me bad, But I wear dirty OD green when out hunting. However it is just me hunting that area. And move so very slow. Try spotting game in the timber when driving at 30 mph down the road. Game thats not moving.
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