Animal Farm 2009 and beyond.....

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Clyde, Apr 29, 2009.

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    I think that is a common thread among us here, we question. As long as we question the leaders and hold them accountable we can keep the farm. But it is the ones that "prefer" to be spoon fed that worries me.
    They are the ones that will open the gates and let in the barbarians.
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    Some of you may know the White House website no longer mentions the Privacy and Civil Liberties Board. Alarming, but hardly suprising. Remember Total Information Awareness?

    Bush had Bud McFarland stringing data bases together to get every thing on everyone. There was an outcry, and the program was shelved.

    But on February 27, Napolitano testified before the Homeland Security Committee that one of her programs was to string databases together. No outcry.

    "It isn't Fascism when we do it"
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    No civil liberties Czar?
    Oh right, budget cuts....
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    Glenn Beck showed the government cash for clunkers website,, I think. It purportedly says applying for the program makes your computer government property. This sounds crazy, I know, but Beck usually gets it right.
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    with regard to the Glenn Beck program and the Government "Cash for Clunkers" web site. To proceed from the home page of that site you had to acknowledge and agree to a "terms of usage" first before leaving the home page. If like most of us you did not read the "TERMS OF USAGE AGREEMENT" ...AND THEN CLICKED "I AGREE" you have just made a irreversable error with serious long term repercussions. With that click you have given away any rights to privacy on that computer URL forever. You are giving them the right to enter your computer and glean any and all info they choose to persue forever. Not that I don't think that the no good Ba&*ards don't do it when ever they feel like it now. I think they do whatever they want to whenever they want to, and they feel the public can kiss off. However, I think you still have some slim chances of not being prosecuted for what is on your computer as long as you don't click on a "terms of usage user agreement" like the one Glenn Beck brought to our attention. I will be checking all "terms of usage user agreements" from now on. You all would be advised to do the same. JMHO of course
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    I got the impression that would only apply as long as you were connected to the site, but I'm not going to visit that site and not putting anything past "them".

    IMHO: Though That's like saying visiting a federal bldg one day ( or an airport) where you waive your rights against search; removes your personal protection under the4th from unreasonable search and seizure (even within your home) forever. IMHO Wouldn't holdup in court.
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    IMHO his imperial highness LORD BO doesn't give a fat rats azz about any of the Constitutional amendments. SEIG HEIL !!! Bow before our nations savoir.
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    Count me in,and thanks for the online version. When is this to be read by?
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    I cannot think of a Figurehead er President that did,they do the bidding of the lobbyists and corporations that place them in that position. They cant buy anything with the Constitution.
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    Today's entry of Seacowboys Liberal Diary made me think of this old thread. It could have been published today instead of in 1945
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