Animal Rights Group Aircraft Shot Down

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    SC Animal Rights Group Aircraft Shot Down

    By: Associated Press | News Channel 7
    Published: February 14, 2012

    ORANGEBURG, S.C. -- An animal rights group says it tried to launch a remote-controlled aircraft to take videos of a pigeon shoot in South Carolina, but the aircraft apparently was shot down.

    The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg reported Tuesday that Steve Hindi with Showing Animals Respect and Kindness says his group wanted to videotape a pigeon shoot at the Broxton Bridge Plantation near Ehrhardt.

    A report filed by the group with the Colleton County Sheriff's Department says the aircraft was hovering near U.S. 601 when it was shot at and crashed near the road. The deputy that took the report says he was unable to speak with anyone at the plantation following the crash.
  2. TnAndy

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    Now THAT is gun control !!
  3. CaboWabo5150

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    As far as I know, trespassing remote controlled aircraft's have NO bag limit !! And are NEVER out of season...
  4. TheEconomist

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    I guess this is the guy/gal they are talking about when they say you can shoot down an airplane with a .50 cal

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  5. Smitty

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    Thats less than an hour away from me, I'm proud to say. :cool:

  6. mysterymet

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    You know they wouldn't have had a problem if their little airplane hadn't looked so much like a pigeon.
  7. Redneck Rebel

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    Last I was down in South Carolina there wasn't any shortage of those turd bombing winged rodents.

    I really don't see the problem... according to video by the same group the birds are often captured in cities. Don't those cities spend millions of tax dollars every year trying to control the populations and clean up the mess they create?? So this here seems like a win win to me.

    GRAPHIC - Live Pigeon Shoots in PA - YouTube
  8. BTPost

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    and pretty good shot placement..... Buy the shooter a round of his favorite Beverage.....
  9. Falcon15

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    I swear, Occifer, that was the noi..noisy..noisiest damn pigeon I ever did see. Strange, too. All it did was hover there and at me *hic*! I hadda shoot it. It scared me. Musta' been a mutant or somefin. Hey, can ya hold my beer? I gotta take a leak...
  10. ColtCarbine

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    It is hard for me to take any of these types of groups seriously. Most of them are hypocritical and full of hot air. Every time I hear an environmentalist or bleeding heart liberal spouting off about pollution/cutting down the forest/car emissions/animal rights...., it is easy to shut them up without calling them hypocrits. However, a lot do get pissed off because they really have no reply for their hypocrisy and start to try babbling with nonsense or change the subject.

    Is that a BMW you are driving, do you not live in a wood framed house, do you eat beef or chicken, aren't those Birkenstock's cow leather shoes you are wearing.........

    I would have more respect for somebodies cause if they are walking the walk, otherwise you are full of hot air looking for recognition in front of your peers.
  11. Seawolf1090

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    Trespass on or over MY land, "all your RC planes belong to me!" ;)
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  12. Gator 45/70

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  13. limpingbear

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    so....they were conducting video surveilence over private property, and thier drone got shot....then they complained to the sherriff.....Wow. fu****g idiots.
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