Animal rights group flies camera over pigeon hunt, hunters shoot it

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    Animal rights group flies camera over pigeon hunt, hunters shoot it

    19 hrs ago

    An animal rights group thought it could keep an eye on a group of pigeon hunters by flying a remote-controlled video camera over their hunting ground. But apparently, SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness, also known as SHARK, didn't realize that what goes up must come down, typically with bullet holes in its sides. SHARK's drone had been filming what the group considered to be a "cruel pigeon shoot" at Pennsylvania's Wing Pointe hunting ground on Sunday when its feed — and camera — went dead after being shot by a hunter. After the incident, both sides were equally defiant. "When they do this, it only makes us more determined," SHARK's president said. "Send more drones, we need the practice," one commenter responded. [Source]
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  3. kellory

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    Fourth time now, better than shooting skeet. Would they complain if they flew this thing behind a target range? They put it in harms way, and apparently, the hunters mistook it for a pigeon. Ooops, my bad.$4,000 worth of damage to the camera? My, my, my, you would think they would be a little more careful with their toy copter. Might want to keep it away from guns next time.
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    Land ownership typically includes airspace to the stars (with limitations) and to the center of the earth. Can you say "trespass" is illegal and subject to restraint? (Dunno about that in kali, but here, well --)
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    My only problem with the shoot-down stems from shooting a rifle (if they did) upward without regard for the fall of shot. I have no problem with their choice of target,just the back ground.
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    I find that if you lead one 6/8 feet it will fly into a nice pattern of #6 shot...
    Resulting in a clean kill...
    It's all about ethic's...Would'nt want the drone to suffer...

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    The loon that heard the shot most likely couldn't tell the difference in sound from a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. My money is on the shottie and the pix of the damage sorta support that. I'd guess the difference in sound between the pigeons dying and the drone dying is due to the angle taken.
    Berks county is infested with libs, nearly as badly as Harrisburg and Philly. Not so much many as noisy.
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    Then there should have been follow-up shots.
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  9. Seriously what the hell were they thinking? "we want to stop people from shooting at small birds, so let's illegally spy them with a $4000 camera that flies like a bird, only slower"

    I wonder how the hunters can creatively respond.....
  10. kellory

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    Launch their own drones, perhaps? made of lead, and without motors? I hear their flight time is quite short though...
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    They should have shared what load and choke worked.
  12. BTPost

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    Is Lead Shot OK to use on drones? They are NOT Migratory Birds, so I would assume that shooting at Drones with Lead shot would be legal.....
    If so I have MANY boxes of #2, and #4 Lead Shot Reloads, that I would donate to any of my MOnkey Friends that want to go Drone Hunting.....
  13. Gator 45/70

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    Sound's Good !! No Limit either, I hear they are hard too clean, But taste good ?
  14. kellory

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    Naw, you got that backwards. they taste like crap, but there is nothing much to cleaning them....
  15. marlas1too

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    just switch from pigeon loads to steel goose loads should do the trick then watch all the pieces fly when the load hits it lol
  16. fedorthedog

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    I am willing to stock pile all you send until the drones appear.
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    I wonder what the bag limit on drones is?? [own2]
  18. BTPost

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    Under 500 ft, and over Private Property, it is Open Season, with No Bag Limit.....
  19. Brokor

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    What they also could have done, is had a barbeque. Yup. Roast those birds up with some Jack Daniels and invited all the libs over. Then, hand them each a pigeon in a cellophane package since they are all accustomed to supermarket lifestyle. Tell them the happy food fairy delivered it and no animals were harmed in the process. Smiles for everyone! [touchdown]

    Oh, and leave the guns in the truck. Take out the super soakers and run around spanking each other's bottoms yelling, "tag you're it!" and "tee-hee this is fun!"

    That should fool 'em.
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    Worked too hard getting to the top of the food chain to become a vegetarian. Good "shootin" boys--and if it takes a rifle then go for it.
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