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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Hispeedal2, Jul 25, 2010.

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    I know this one exists:

    What I am curious about is performance between .17 HMR and .22 WMR.

    I read this by chuckhawk and it has me leaning towards WMR:
    Compared: .17 HMR and .22 WMR (Magnum)
    I guess my thought process is if I have to shoot something bigger, the WMR will outperform the HMR.

    The popularity has really taken off with the 17. Accuracy is it's best point from everyone I talked to. Keeping in mind that I only shoot things for food, not sport, which is better for small game hunting? The .22 WMR weighs twice as much. The .17 is more accurate and has twice the range.

    Any opinions?

    My second question is which model should I get? Wally World has a Savage and Marlin. These seem to be the most common. I don't think Ruger has produced a 10/22 in mag for some time. What I don't like about most of the ones I've see is the weight/length. I prefer a shorter 16"-18" with a lighter profile and slimmer stock. All the ones I've looked at are more like a big game rifle in size with a small game chambering. Any opinions?
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    The .17HMR is very much a 'niche' caliber, with a very narrow range of capability. It is superb at what it is designed for - very high velocity and excellent accuracy within it's range limit - say 150 yards. BUT.... it is best for the smaller critters - that wee pill at hyper velocity will grenade upon hitting ANYTHING! a blade of grass - "POOF!"
    There are 'FMJ' and other bullets coming out for it - but they negate the big advantage of the caliber - ultra-high velocity, achievable only with that light polymer-tipped bullet.

    For bigger varmints, the .22WMR still shines. Good choice of loads, decent range, and much better penetration.

    I own both - Marlins. But I find the .22WMR a much more useful 'all round' weapon.
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    I have about decided on a .22 WMR, but I received another offer. I figure I will throw it out there and see what you guys think.

    I received an offer for a Ruger M77 in .22 Hornet. I don't know much about Hornet other than it is a .224 diameter centerfire which appeals to my reloading side. Only thing is, ammo price is a crap ton higher. Like $40 or so for a box of 50. Reloading will offset that and I may be able to utilize simple 55 grain loads depending on if it will stabilize them or not.

    Any experience with .22 Hornet? Pros/cons?
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    No ideas on the Hornet....
    I have 2 Marlins, one standard, blue/black bbl, and one laminated with s/s barrel and "fire" sights. I love them critters! Very hard hititng and with a choice of the hollow points or solids I get good feeling when they impact. I had a "Mossberg 640k Chuckster", a 5 shot bolt action, I let get away from me, and I wish I still had that one!
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    I reload for my BRNO ZBK410 singleshot rifle in .22 Hornet. Itis a very economical cartridge to load, not too much powder, brass will last well if you don't get crazy with pressure. Hornady has a 45 grain' Hornet' bullet designed just for it, though I prefer the 45 grain V-Max.
    One caveat is that the case is very thin, and it's easy to crush or deform it while loading. Just take it easy and be careful!
    Low noise signature, economical, NO recoil, and it just exudes charm! It can be very accurate too! You can load it to do anything that a .22LR or .22WMR can do and very much more!
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