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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by robfindlay, Oct 14, 2008.

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    I'm looking for a holster for my 1911 that will attach right the belt, I've found the plastic and older leather fold-over snap ones, but I was hoping to find one closer to the modern retention holsters.

    I COULD do a drop-leg off the belt and theres plenty of gear for that I was kind of hoping to avoid it, still want to be able to cover most of my ALICE gear with a LARGE windbreaker till I'm "clear" of anywhere that it would make me stand out.

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    rob, a guy with a large alice shaped hump under a windbreaker will stand out more than a guy dressed in dirty-looking beat down clothes with a pack that looks like it was rolled across a feed lot. just a suggestion that if spotted your best campflage may be to not look like it's worth the effort to steal from. also an alice pack screams hey i'm prepared. an old army duffle bag? well there are bums walking around with those right now.

    once you get clear of the residential areas a different camoflage may be necessary. like to get out my web gear and alice pack, re-assemble my AR-15, and buckle on my glock. in said drop leg holster.

    AND for your own sake find a buddy. make sure he's prepared and trained too. you have to sleep sometimes and anyone can get snuck up on when asleep.

    the biggest joke in movies is the sniper teams that don't get fully concealed at rest or when asleep. cover and concealment remember those words. i may snore like a chainsaw. but you suer will not find me at night asleep. and if you come around stomping thru the night looking for me. don't.

    i hope this helps, Phillip
  3. robfindlay

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    Plan 1 is buggin in, as i have disabled brother and elderly mom that I'm not going to leave alone, up in the air if my sister would want to bug out with me if we had too.

    The webgear and rigs firstly would be for short duration excursions for supplies or recon etc, likely at night twoud be nice to still fit in.

    If I do have to bug out, well, I already look like a dirtbag to most folks in my suburban mormon neighborhood so maybe I'll roll around in the mud grab a shopping cart throw all gear into trash bags and meander out of town carrying an "the end is here" sign. Okay no sign but you get the idea.

    Until you're in the clear you want to blend in and not look like your any better off then anyone around you.

    Though I've got alot of extended family here with military and LE backgrounds some with class III licenses and weapons ALL of them armed, at least 3 emt's mechanics carpenters etc...I just need to get my other sister who's a nurse and her hubby who's a doc to move out this way!

    I'm trying to get all the families FRS/GMRS radios and organize some kind contingency plans. But everyone is apathetic.

    If we could get everyone together screw the hills, this town will be crawling with hunters and campers 10 deep in the mountains, shooting each other more then usual. We'd stick to urban and semi-urban "safe houses."

  4. bobd42

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    My Alice pk, is set up and in the truck tool box , but we pland to bug - in .
    All of our systems are in place and working . Bugging out don't get it for us because in three days everything is gone , your thirsty or sick and hungry . Now you have become the target that you fled from .
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    I don't have my pistol holster as a part of my Alice (who the f34k is alice?), belt kit. I have a pancake holster on my trouser belt that flattens out when empty. As to my chest rig, I have a glock combat holster on that.

  6. Byte

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    Hands down the cats meow for web gear mounted pistol carry.

    If you want drop leg or even an off the belt holster go with Safariland 6004 or similar. They have an adapter that will lower it below the belt level about 2-3" to clear chest rigs/plate carriers.

    I think Blackhawk also has an adapter that will move their CQC SERPA holsters below the belt line a bit. I like my CQC but if I was moving it much lower (drop leg low) than the belt I wouldn't use it. I would switch to a Safariland.

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