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    ITM, at this time, gives the H5N1 Avian Flu a YELLOW WARNING; meaning keep close watch for human-to-human transmission in Europe and GENERALLY prepare. (ORANGE and RED are higher alerts)

    So far, the H5N1 strain of Avian (Bird) Flu is still mainly confined to bird-to-bird transmission with human contraction somewhat rare, but deadly. It is also contained "across the pond" in Europe, Asia and the Middle East at this time, but it does appear to be spreading. If this virus adapts or mutates allowing human-to-human contraction, the danger of a real pandemic could very well be possible and the world governmental and medical systems are in NO WAY equipped to handle it. Supplies and protective gear are already in short supply from panic buying and would dry up almost instantly once the ability to jump from person to person is ever realized. The incessant media hype only fuels this panic buying fire.

    Furthermore, it appears that the existing "flu vaccines" and medications, such as Tamiflu and Relenza, according to most scientific journals, will have very limited effectiveness against the H5N1 virus, if any at all. Therefore ITM does NOT recommend buying or stocking these expensive flu medications for this SPECIFIC flu virus. Traditional, seasonal flu viruses are another matter and should be discussed with your doctor.

    ITM has listed our "MINIMUM" recommendations for Avian Flu protection below, as well as our "SERIOUS PANDEMIC" recommendations in case the virus mutates and becomes transmitted by human-to-human contact. Items and recommendations for a serious flu pandemic are very similar to equipment and recommendations for BIOLOGICAL protection, which is logical since the H5N1 Avian Flu is a VIRUS, just like many biological weapons. It is ITM's hope that you are one of the WISE ones already prepared, or willing to become prepared, for the worst case scenario, a worldwide flu pandemic. Once the bird flu hits the global fan, simple preparation items like these will be as rare as hen's teeth...
    ITM Minimum Recommendations: YELLOW WARNING
    bullet Buy a box or two of Surgical-type respirators (masks) that cover both nose and mouth.
    bullet These masks MUST meet, at the MINIMUM, the NIOSH N95 protection standard. This EXCLUDES the masks commonly called "Procedure Masks." These masks are also excellent for house duties, such as cutting the yard, sanding or painting, etc...
    bullet Ideally, only buy masks that have an EXHALATION VALVE. This will prolong the useable life of your mask while in use by keeping moisture and heat from your breath exhalations to a minimum by providing this air a quick exit. You need to filter the air COMING IN ONLY, not both ways.
    bullet ITM recommends the 3M #9211 NIOSH/CDC-approved N95 Respirator as it folds flat for easy transportability and convenience, it is extremely comfortable, and it has an exhalation valve. ITM does offer this mask for sale <HERE>.
    bullet Buy a pair of "lab-type" safety glasses for each person. These safety glasses fit closer to the face and have shields on the sides to further protect the eye. The EYE is also an entry point for flu viruses and should also be protected as best as possible. Goggles would also work very well but are less "fashionable" in public.
    bullet Have a few bottles of "alcohol-type" Hand Sanitizers at home and smaller ones for your vehicle. Besides Avian Flu, use these liberally during cold and flu season...
    bullet Buy a box of Surgical Gloves. Ones made of NITRILE are the most durable but more expensive. Also very handy around the house...
    bullet Store these items TOGETHER for household use, yet they will be on hand if this Avian Flu virus gets more serious...
    bullet Take good VITAMINS and IMMUNITY BOOSTERS as recommended by manufacturer.
    bullet Have SAMBUCOL, a formulation of Black Elderberry extract, available. It is probably the most effective "natural" treatment for flu viral infections available. It is non-prescription and available over the counter at most health stores. Buy some now as the supply chain is now feeling the burden of increased demand.
    ITM "Serious Pandemic" Recommendations: RED WARNING
    bullet Review ITM's section on BIOWAR! No need to repeat info here...
    bullet Only a full-face Respirator/Gas Mask with good CBRN/NBC/P100 HEPA filters will fully protect all three most common virus entry points; mouth, nose, and EYES. If or when this virus becomes deadly and contagious, this will be the MINIMUM protection recommended by ITM while in public places.
    bullet By a box of cheap medical "Procedure Masks" to help protect and lengthen the useable life of your more expensive CBRN/NBC gas mask filters. These are cheap and disposable, yet keep spittle, phlegm and other "large" virus carrier mediums expelled from the sick and contaminated from entering gas mask filter media, thus prolonging filter life and keeping virus out of the filter for maximum hygiene. Understand that these Procedure Masks do not protect you from viruses and DO NOT meet the minimum NIOSH N95 rating, but they do keep large particles and fluids out of your expensive filters. It is your gas mask and gas mask filters that will protect you from the flu virus.
    bullet ITM offers these inexpensive "Procedure Masks" for sale <HERE>.
    bullet Learn how to install a Procedure Mask over a typical NATO filter <HERE>.
    bullet All of the above mentioned "MINIMUM" recommendations, especially alcohol hand sanitizer.
    bullet Keep LAUNDRY FACILITIES <separate> and <isolated> from living areas that are considered "clean areas." Anyone doing laundry should thoroughly bath and cleanse afterwards. Anyone returning from any possible public contact should CAREFULLY disrobe while keeping protective mask on and immediately put all clothing for a "sanitary" wash with hot water and bleach.
    bullet Have an OUTSIDE shower where you can thoroughly clean your body, especially hair, face, hands and all exposed skin, after you have disrobed. Carefully remove protective mask by pulling mask OUT and then UP to avoid wiping any contamination into mouth, nose or eyes. Use good soap plentifully.
    bullet AVOID UNNECESSARY PUBLIC CONTACT for as long as flu is a danger. This could be as short as a few months to as long as several YEARS. Prepare accordingly! A "flu pandemic" is no joke and could kill millions...


    "To Nano or Not To Nano?", that is the question...

    With the H5N1 fears heating up to a full boil, justified or not, there has recently been a new technology in personal respirators, called "nanotechnology," that is being HEAVILY MARKETED by many, especially on the internet. This technology claims to be able to KILL the virus while filtering the virus at the same time. This technology does appear to work as advertised, but is much more expensive than N95-rated masks and is often deceptively marketed as the ONLY way to protect yourself from the Avian Flu virus, which, according to the CDC and other respected researchers in the field, is NOT TRUE.

    Although a good and promising technology, ITM's main concern with this specific mask (NanoMask) during long-term wear (all day) for protection from, as of yet, a non-existent flu pandemic, is that this mask lacks an EXHALATION VALVE. ITM considers an exhalation valve a necessity to ensure a long filter life and increase the wearers comfort. Unless you are around others with a weakened immune system, there is absolutely no need to filter your exhalations. Your filter should not have to do DOUBLE DUTY by filtering both in and out air flows. The moisture of your exhalations will, over time, saturate the inside filter element and lessen the effective life span of the mask, as well as increase discomfort by the heat levels inside the mask and leaving traces of carbon-dioxide (CO2) for your next inhale. For short periods, a mask with no exhalation valve is fine, but for long term use, such as for Avian Flu protection, ITM discourages their use.

    In addition, the ability of the nanotechnology on the filter medium to kill the viruses over time is a great advance in protection, but not required, as the filter media will not be the only surface exposed and possibly contaminated by a virus, as your face, eyes, hair, hands and clothing will also be suspect. Therefore, why worry so much about killing viruses on a filter media that prohibits their passage into your airways by filtration alone, yet your whole body and clothing could be contaminated? If a true flu pandemic were to break out, only the FOOLISH would remove their respirator (mask), dead viruses or not, before the rest of their body was fully disrobed, showered and cleaned. So, buy the NanoMask if you want, it is a good product, but BEWARE of the SALES HYPE that is epidemic (pun intended) out there...
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