Another city trying to kill a garden

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by kckndrgn, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Memphis Teacher Ordered to Dismantle Urban Garden : TreeHugger

    Yet another city that is trying to force a gardener to stop growing his food. Only this time it's a teacher that is doing this on his own time, on his own property with students and neighbors - you know, like a community thing.

    What's worse - IT'S MY CITY!!

    Time for city guberments to get out of our gardens!! (time to move out of this city as well, and I would if I could)
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    Trust me, I've thought about emigrating to Oz and to Canada many a time. The Missus would vote for OZ due to weather, I'd vote for Canada for weather. Maybe we could settle on NZ.

    Alas, getting any of my guns into any of those countries is going to be problematic, so I'll guess we will stay here and fight for our rights as free sovereign citizens of the Mitten!

    Somebody has got to do it. And as I get older, more likely. Never piss off a grumpy old man.
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    A big +1 on this above.
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    Folks you did not read the code thouroughly... the appropiate section under which the garden is being shut down is as follows...

    Everyone knows that if the grow good veggies someone will come along and steal some... :oops:
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    Posted on it that they should vote the idiots out of office. He should run for mayor then higher.
  7. beast

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    his campaign promise should be
    "free food for everyone, the old mayor is buying"
  8. ozarkgoatman

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    Gee how nice of them to allow you to have a garden. :rolleyes: Where I live we plant as big a garden as we want and put any %$#@ing place we want on our property. [dunno]

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    Some years ago, I was actively thinking about that and looked into it fairly deeply. The stopper was (since I was looking for a place to retire and not work) was the bond required to assure I could support myself and not fall onto the public health care system. Way too much money tied up that would not be available for other retirement activities. Similar problems with NZ. (And ignoring completely the politics in both countries about which I knew little then and not much more now.) So here I am, putting up with US politics and restrictions. Plus, as BWM says, I can grow what I want (if anything) on my own land. Fortunately, I'm not in a town with idiotic statutes and regulations.
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