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    How to Camp Out by John M. Gould

    How to Camp Out

    Author John M. Gould
    Categories Non-fiction, Instructional
    Language English
    Published 1877

    en wet, better than if it were sewed all around. You can lay what spare clothing you have, and your day-clothes, between the lining and blanket, when the night is very cold.
    In almost any event, you will want to carry a spare shirt; and in cold weather you can put this on, when you will find that a pound of shirt is as warm as two pounds of overcoat.
    If you take all I advise, you will not absolutely need an overcoat, and can thus save carrying a number of pounds.
    The tent question we will discuss elsewhere; but you can hardly do with less than a piece of shelter-tent. If you have a larger kind, the man who carries it must have some one to assist him in carrying his own stuff, so that the burden may be equalized. If you take tent-poles, they will vex you sorely, and tempt you to throw them away: if you do not carry them, you will wonder when night comes why you did not take them. If your tent is not large, so that you can use light ash poles, I would at least start with them, unless the tent is a "
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    I thought you said it was in English.
  3. Wild Trapper

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    :lol: [LMAO] I love the written word. But, what I was wondering is, where is all the illustrations. A book without pictures, how do they expect me to read it without pictures?

    BTW, RicDoug, Welcome to the forum, good link!:D
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    Tahnks, Wild Trapper. I hope you guys don't mind another "Preppy"...

    I really feel most people are asleep, because they think the Government can take care of everything. I'm responsible for the safety of my family. Ric
  5. Wild Trapper

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    I'm new here too, but not to subsistence living. Been at that all my life, mostly out of necessity. I also downloaded the other book, no pictures! Somethings go without pictures, others well...

    BTW, Most of the pictures you've posted go without words.;) Volumes in just the pictures!:D
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