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    I have posted several things about Furoshiki - the Japanese 'art;' of cloth folding.

    Like this:

    and this

    All great fun and at times, quite handy as I always carry one or two large bandanas when away from home. While researching the use of a bandana for sling (weapons type) I ran across another site showing a fold that gives a two 'pocket' carry purse/bag.

    shows the fold. Add a cord at each end...and you have a small but useful 2 pocket bag. The bigger the piece of cloth, the bigger your 'pockets.


    here is a badly done diagram, should you wish to avoid YT

    Another use for your bandana....
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    I have long forgot most of it, but an old TI, 32 years in the service in 1956, was showing us what could be done with an army blanket, or a gi towel, or a big bandana with folding and a couple big safety pins one day during a snowstorm when marching wasn't really an option. Rolled up for a pack, sticks rolled into it for a stretcher, splint for broken bones, camouflage for a foxhole, with pins a sleeping bag, towel was part of a sand water filter, wet for an emergency gas-smoke mask, wet to use to protect against fire in an evacuation scene, tore into strips for emergency rope, wool blanket with hole cut into it and inside a poncho had saved his life in Korea he said when they had to run from the Chinese in the middle of the winter, used for emergency foot wraps when riding in an unheated truck bed during same period. Said when someone got killed and they had to leave them, they left weapons in most cases, took ammo, food, blanket, heavy outer clothing, clean socks, overshoes. etc. Priorities change when you are well into a SHTF situation and God, luck, or using his head kept him alive when a lot of others died. We listened very carefully as what he was talking about was about 5 years in the past, not almost 70 like today.
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  3. UncleMorgan

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    Slightly off thread, , everyone should know how to use footwraps.

    Light cotton footwraps can substitute for socks that wore through at the heel, preventing blisters.

    If the weather goes cold unexpectedly, footwraps made from a wool blanket can prevent frostbite, and let a person stay on the move.

    Footwraps - Wikipedia
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  4. Sapper John

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    Chelloveck had a good post a few years ago about the Russian armies version of socks made of wrappings. It was quite interesting.
  5. duane

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    The TI basically said he was alive and had all of his toes by using wool blanket for foot wraps or whatever you wish to call them, no shoes, just overshoes, wool leggings, gi mittens with wool liners, and a poncho with wool blanket. He was not marching,just trying to survive in the back of an open 6 by 6 that was trying to get to the coast, which they did or he wouldn't have been around to tell the story.. Base was over run and they got out with basically nothing and in those days didn't even have a decent radio to call for help..
    In basic training in 1956 at Parks AFB in California, the AF was still big in air base defense and we had instructors, Air Police for the most part, who had been in Korea who taught basic small arms.. I don't know if the Jan 1951 incident at Kimpo AFB is fact or fiction, I do know that some of the strategic withdrawals may have appeared a little more interesting to those enlisted men that left by truck in January than to the officers who left by air. The general feeling was that it was better to fight to the end than surrender and it would be even better if you had the equipment and training to actually defend the base.
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  6. Here is a nice gif showing how to fold many ways for carrying different objects
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    Thanks @DKR for the foot wrapping diagrams. This is a great knowledge to have.
  9. DKR

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    As noted, heavy wool wraps and 'galoshes' or the issue N-1B Mukluks work well.

    These only work in a dry cold - where temps stay well below freezing.

    Foot wraps do begin to acquire an odor after just a couple of days....
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    Galoshes sure have changed. My Grandpa had some that were all rubber with silver clasps.

    Grandpa's looked like this.

  11. DKR

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    Indeed - I had some just like that issued to me back in the late 70s. Now, not so much and harder to use with a foot wrap.

    Patrice with an old towel, they are about as thick as a wool blanket. Once you find a size that work for your foot/boot combo, you can cut the old wool blanket to size.
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