Another Granpa rant

Discussion in 'Politics' started by GrandpaDave, Jan 22, 2012.

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    Another Grandpa rant

    Politics... never liked it never will...
    While I do embrace the concept of a citizens government that day has come an gone... these days the only way into higher office is to play the game, become one of the status quo, turn into a good ole boy as it were... maybe that's where we went wrong as a Nation????

    I am sick to death of empty promises and great ideas on how to fix this country... Academics are nice but the time for theory is not right now thank you very much... we dont need another mega millionaire telling us where we went wrong, we need need a person who knows how to make a hard choice that only a blue collar, hard working man, knows how to make!!!

    Who we need as our next president is a person who's had to sit down at the kitchen table with all his bills laid out in front of him and had to decide what bill to pay and still be able to feed his family for the rest of the month...

    That's the man we need right now... a man who knows how to make that kind of choice... not someone who never knew what it was like pick up the phone and beg the power company to keep the lights on for a couple more days!

    As a nation we have some tough choices to make... A millionaire is not going to know how to do that. a hard core liberal wouldn't either. nope what we need is a regular ole parent used to making those hard choices, "Sorry we cant afford new shoes this month!" "Sweetie I know you really want that new highway to nowhere but mommy cant afford it right now!"

    tough choices not empty promises from the good ole boy network, so what if it pisses off a bunch of folks, though, they'll get over it... if they don't like limits on their game time you smack them behind the ear and send them to their room... Are you listening wall street???

    Playtime is over Washington... the government exists for the people, not the other way around... go to your rooms and sit quietly while you think about what you did... and it wouldn't hurt to pick-up after yourselves, you made the mess now clean it up!

    Damn kids, what are you gonna do?
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    I have said it for a long time we need a working class man as our President. Reason being only the working man knows what work is, what the working people needs and when to say no we can't afford that. A working man takes pride in not the job but in the work he has done with his own hands and don't need a $10,000.00 gold shovel to dig a hole that a $15.00 shovel will do the same job. We need a presidence who has worn jeans and muddy work boot's and only wears a suit to church and funerals.

    I agree 100%
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    You and me both... to bad neither of the parties would never let someone like that try for the nomination... We regular folks dont cotton to puppet stings... we're not controllable and that makes them uncomfortable.

    Oh well it needed to be said... once again we're being offed poor choices and I dont like it...
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    Unfortunately the only way I see we'll ever get this Country going back in the right direction,is to turn D.C.into a smoking pile of rubble,with a polo-tick hanging from every light pole!
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