Another mine of useful e-books and .pdf files

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  1. chelloveck

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    Another mine of useful e-books and .pdf files.....some 800 or more downloadable (in .pdf format) files with a wealth of information for prepping / self sufficiency / homesteading / survival's a mini gutenberg project but with more up to date references and information.

    You may need to negotiate your way past an anti-bot screen but the effort is worth it.

    The Free Information Society - Media in eBooks/Other
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  2. oldawg

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    Thanks Chell,I especially liked the one "building a home distillation apparatus"but "Newtonian physics" was above my comprehension level.
  3. chelloveck

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    There's something for everyone

    It's a fascinating collection of e-books...there's something for most tastes and curiosities.....I particularly like the collection of radio play MP3 files. There are a lot of history and biography references....the confederate folk have not been overlooked. Some pretty esoteric arcane stuff, but a lot of practical stuff too. There are electronics schematics for a variety of radios and electric guitars....even a couple of schematics for a DIY stungun! : O
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    Proceed with care....

    Here is a link that states that the site is a known "Bad" Site. Mal-ware, Trojans, etc..

    Trend Micro Site Safety Center

  5. chelloveck

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    thanks for the heads up....should I remove the links?
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    Just a heads up...

    If you have good software, not to worry. By good, I mean NOT NORTON. If you are running around the Internet naked, you are about to be screwed...[CRC]

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  7. chelloveck

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    I ran scans of AVG and Malawarebytes with no bogies detected. So far so good....I also have a decent firewall.....fingers crossed.
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