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    Hello All!

    I am a recent transplant to Northern Idaho but grew up in the Northwest (Seattle WA area, prior to Microsoft invasion) so I am not completely ignorant of the area. I returned to the states and choose Idaho after many, many years overseas (won't go into detail) but felt Washington was getting too ultra-liberal for my tastes, too Californian. I am neither a liberal nor a conservative, sort of a middle of the road guy. I am not a survivalist per say but believe one should be prepared and take care of family and themselves, friends too if one can help. I no longer believe in our government as the years overseas opened my eyes to the fairy tales but I strongly believe in our country and our people - thought I should get that out in the open. Anyway, I am finally back home and love the area here, especially the common-sense friendly people.

    We are in our second day of our home and it has 5 great acres, good neighbors and peace and quiet. We are putting in the garden now, lots of work.

    My concern is how we can store all the can goods she will put up here as we do not have a root cellar and the high water table makes one a dicey project. I have an idea which I will post under a specific topic and hope this forum can assist me to tune it.

    Looking forward to exchanging ideas with all of you and learning...I have a lot to learn.
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    Welcome to our Monkey Tree, Rick.... You will find plenty of Good Information here, and lots of Good Family Folks, just like yourself, here as well.... Check the Gardening Forum....
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    Glad to have you here, welcome to the Monkey Rick!!!
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    You could think outside the box, and perhaps install a pool liner, and simply never fill it with water. Block off the plumbing fittings, and it would remain water tight, should you decide you want that underground storage space. Add a large garden shed over top, and it would both increase storage space, and disguise what it really is, as well. You would end up with two good sized rooms of storage space, stacked. Shed could be used for things that are not effected by temp changes, and the pool walls could be insulated, while leaving the floor bare.
    There is a year round average of 56° at a depth of 6', so it would remain above freezing as long as it was insulated above the floor line, and would remain cool all summer.

    And welcome to the monkey tree.
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    You're in the right place, Rick! Welcome to the Monkey!
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    Welcome to the monkey tree rick ...
    Please keep us posted on the reefer conex project and what you come up with !.
  7. Tully Mars

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    Welcome to the tree Rick! Glad to have ya. Look forward to your additions here.
  8. Sapper John

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    Welcome neighbor. I am new here too.
  10. MacOne

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    Yo welcome to the site man!
  11. tr7heaven

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    Welcome I am also new here!
  12. RangerRick

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    I to am in North Idaho, Bonner County. I teach survival and emergency preparedness in Priest River on Monday nights. I also teach around the American ReDoubt. Hope to meet and greet soon.
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