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    After a busy morning packing hunter catapults ready to post to customers world wide i hoped onto my push bike and started off on the 8 mile round trip to the post office,en-route i spotted the covey on some ploughed land that was once an old airbase during the war,i propped the bike against a post and got the catapult put,the covey was at 20 yards and i was sure they would take to flight as they do once in decent range,gingerly i loaded the pouch,pulled back the bands and loosed,thwack ,flap,shudder! and that was it one french partridge bagged! the rest of the covey flew off low and settled some 70 yards off in the middle of the field.
    I continued my trip posting my parcels and then cycled back,wind in my face all the way and boy was it cold too,i recon the fire will get lit early tonight!
    thanks for looking.
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    nice shot!
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    Fish is the man with those sling shots! He also sells them. If you might be interested look through some of his back posts to find info on buying one.
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    Very Cool!!

    I still need to get one of those...
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    Fish, Aren't those considered a lethal weapon in the UK? I know in parts of Ireland, they are.
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