another reason to allow Firearms in parks...

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    PORT ANGELES, Wash. - A mountain goat that fatally gored a hiker over the weekend, then stood over the man and stared at people trying to help, had shown aggressive behavior in the past, Olympic National Park officials said Monday.
    Robert Boardman, 63, of Port Angeles, died Saturday after he was attacked by the goat while hiking on the subalpine Switchback Trail in the park. The trail is popular with residents of nearby Port Angeles, which is about 85 miles west of Seattle.
    Park rangers later found the goat, which remained close by, observed blood on it and shot the animal.
    Rangers have been tracking the ram and others for the past four years because they have followed people or approached hikers without backing down, said park spokeswoman Barb Maynes.
    "It has shown aggressive behavior, however, nothing led us to believe us it was appropriate to take the next level of removal," she said. "This is a highly unusual. There's no record of anything similar in this park. It's a tragedy. We are taking it extremely seriously and doing our best to learn as much as we can."
    Park officials have posted signs at trailheads warning hikers to be watchful of all goats and to stay at least 100 feet from the animals. Hikers are also warned not to urinate on or near the trail, because goats are attracted to the salt.
    A necropsy, or animal autopsy, was conducted on the goat Sunday night by a private certified veterinary pathologists. Park officials are awaiting test results of blood and tissue samples, which may take a couple weeks, Maynes said.
    "We're looking for anything to indicate any presence of diseases, which might shed light on the animal's extremely strange and unusual behavior," she said.
    Boardman was hiking with his wife, Susan Chadd, and their friend, Pat Willits, and had stopped for lunch at an overlook when the goat began acting aggressively toward them, the Peninsula Daily News reported.
    Boardman urged the others to go ahead while he tried to get rid of the goat, according to the paper. The two heard him yell and ran back to help.
    Hikers who came upon the group radioed for help. But it took nearly an hour before rescuers could reach Boardman because the goat stood over him as he lay motionless on the ground, according to the Seattle Times.
    "The mountain goat was terribly aggressive," Jessica Baccus, who was hiking with her family, told the Times. "It wouldn't move. It stared us down."
    She and her husband, Bill Baccus, a park scientist, tried to lure the goat away by pelting the animal with rocks, shouting at it and using a silver reflective blanket to distract it. It finally moved away, and Jessica Baccus tried to give Boardman CPR until a local doctor who came upon the group took over, she told the Times.
    A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter airlifted him out of the park.
    Boardman, a locally-known musician and diabetes educator, was an avid hiker who also worked for years as a nurse for the Makah and Lower Elwha Klallam tribes, according to the Peninsula Daily News.
    About 300 goats graze the park's alpine meadows and roam its rocky peaks. The animals are not native to the park and were introduced in the 1920s, before the park was established.
    Maynes said the park had a two-year live capture program in the late 1980s to remove the goats by helicopter because of the damage the animals wrecked on the park's fragile alpine areas and soil. That program was ended after two years because it was determined to be risky for operators and was less effective, she said.
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    Open season time, I think. Not native, gotta go.
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    Yup, serious time for a goat barbeque. Open season, no bag limit. Remove all you shoot.
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    What's funny is when an animal attacks, they are waiting on the "autopsy" to see if disease is the cause.... hey geniuses, goats have horns for a reason. To protect themselves against predators. People have guns..... to protect themselves from goats.
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    I have no experience with wild goat species, but it is not at all unusual for domestically raised rams to be agressive toward humans. We had a pet goat, abandoned by his mother, bottle fed until he no longer was interested in the bottle, and played with by our girls frequently. All was well until he got about three years old. He became increasingly agressive towards my wife, and one day actually knocked her down. The next day he was sold for meat. Heredity will out!
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    Should that happen to human animals?
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    You know I tell people all the time it takes an idiot to go any where without a gun. You have dangerous animals in the woods and around the river's then you have zombie's on the street. If you have any common sense you'll carry a gun. I live in the mountains and I wont go to a park or other location that won't allow concealed carry.The hippie's argue the fact but it seem mother nature and the animal's are helping weed them out with them becoming the main corse for bear and mountain lion. I am a firm believer dumb get's what dumb asks for. like the guy over the summer his wife got him a trip to swim with sharks. So they load up on a boat go out dump buckets of fish blood and guts. Then he jumps in and the sharks attacks and kill's him. His wife on fox news tallking about I can't believe this happen and I hold the boating company responsible. Ok Im a hollow boy out of the hills of WV and have lost nothing in the ocean and know nothing of sharks even with my limited knowledge something tells me this guy ask for it. Reminds me of Jeff Foxworthy"Here's ur sign".
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    Yep AD, people do stupid stuff then wonder what went wrong. You can't fix stupid. I don't know whose line that is. But just for clarification Bill Engvall is the "Here's your sign" guy. Foxworthy is the "You might be a redneck if..".

    Famous last words "Hey watch this!" or if your a redneck "Here, hold my beer."

    A little off the topic but this reminded me of an incident in California many moons ago. I was at a recreation area, a place called Zaca Lake, and a few of us were sitting at a picnic table. We heard someone shooting a shotgun farther up from us. I saw a guy near the edge of the picnic area and he was aiming the shotty down at the grass. Suddenly this guy and his girlfriend come running up to us from that direction, all out of breath and in a panic, he says "There's a guy up there shooting a gun!! We're getting out of here, you guys should run too!". I said "Calm down man, he 's not shooting at you." "Yeah but he's got a GUN!!"

    We managed to calm the little hoplophobe down and the guy with the shotty came down the hill with a gunny sack. We asked him what he was doing and he showed us inside the bag. He worked for the park and he had killed two huge rattlers right on the edge of the picnic area, not 30' from where the guy and his girlfriend had been walking. He said they go out every few days when the parks' busy and patrol around the area because the rattlers were thick and they didn't want people getting bit.

    I hope that little commiefornia hoplophobe learned a lesson that day, but I doubt it. He is probably a state senator now and voting to ban those evil guns in parks.
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    you wouldnt believe the people that have bitched at me over the years for shooting coon and possum in my henhouse
    makes ya wanna shoot them
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    Common sense has gone the way of the dinosaur. The signs should say, "Do not enter this area without a weapon to protect yourself, and watch closely for goats." We need to rid this country of the idiots who have taken over. Run them out of office and don't let them back.
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    Note to self: Eat goats when they're less than three years old.
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    if ya whap em in the head with a ballbat a couple times, they stop doin that
    those skulls ARE thick so ya gotta do it good so they
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