Another Saturday and Another Box Store Run........

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    Got the house stuff at Menard's. Todays mission was for STUFF but I found REAL TREASURE while in the yard loading the stuff. BIG CABLE SPOOLS!!! I LOVE THESE THINGS!!! And they have gotten real hard to come by in recent years. They have about 101 great uses from Fish and Game Cleaning to a table for your out of the way Kampsite hiding area. Saw these 5 in the junk area and asked the yard guy about them and a few minutes later they are being forked up and slid into the truck. One Man's trash...... Errr Box Store's trash is another persons treasure! Probably should not have sat them on top of my new butcher block counter tops for the kitchen island......... As I was told this about ever 1.3 miles on the drive home :) 32 linear feet of unfinished oak kitchen base Cabinets that were on a sale at a very good price filling the front of the box but managed to squeeze the real treasure find of the day in!
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  2. Alanaana

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    Those are nice treasures!
    When I was 19, I went to outdoor school in Wyoming and lived there for the rest of the year. My roommates and I found 4 of those large spools for free on the side of the road and we promptly collected, painted them, and turned them into the best coffee tables. What are your plans for them?
    It's nice that you're putting in a butcher block counter. About a year ago, we were trying to figure out how to affordably floor a dome we were building. I suggested the retro wood paneling on the walls I had been wanting to pry it off for awhile and it had really nice drywall. We also yanked out the cabinets. They were old and designed for giants. I'm 4'11" and it has been nice to have a much more open space, but we probably should finish the kitchen soon. The wood paneling wasn't really suitable for a floor, but a lady bought it from us. It was a good excuse to give the place a makeover! I'm always amazed by the way a space can transform.
    Have a good rest of your weekend!
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  3. Kamp Krap

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    One of the smaller ones is going into my office as a coffee table. The other 4 I am going to seal up for weather and to protect from rot and place around the Lake at where I believe will be the best fishing spots, so I have a table next to my bucket or chair :)

    LOL and Amazing Someone shorter than Mrs Krap at 5' even :) LOL we look funny standing together I am 6' 3" and can comfortably rest a arm on top of her head and then promptly get elbowed and jabbed in places like right under my ribs that makes me rethink where my arm is resting.
  4. Tempstar

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    When I was growing up on High Rock Lake these were a staple for everyone. I even had a small one with square mesh wire wrapped around it as a home for my two pet squirrels. Dad bolted it to a tree stump making it eye level and cut a hole into the center for their "nest". Good find, I have not been able to get any in my AO.
  5. johnbb

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    Way back when the wife and I were first married and money was tight those spools made up the majority of our furniture.
  6. Kamp Krap

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    Used to be they were everywhere Electric Co-Ops would set them at the entrance to the lineman yard with a FREE sign on them. The coal mine down the road from where I grew up made hundred of empty spools per year and set them out by the road entrance free for the taking along with those big heavy duty shipping crates. I just googled them and it seems it could be the second hand demand for them might be pretty high. And called Ed my electrician he says he used to give them away but the electric supply warehouse he uses put a $5-$50 deposit on the price of every spool of cable and wants them returned and they get shipped back to the Cable manufactures. And I have also learned while replying that some Menard's put them in their bargain bin pile out in their yards and sell them for $5-$10 others smash them up and into the big dumpster they go. I found these in the waiting line to get smashed up and put in the Dumpster. Gonna be calling the yard manager at the two menards closest to me and asking them to put theirs in the clearance and bargain pile in their yards.

    Me and my brother took a BIG one and suspended it from a big tree limb with 4 pieces of rope and would wind it up tight, hop on with out feet on the bottom and hands in the holes and that thing made one seriously fun merry go round as it unwound. LOL we would get off with our heads still spinning and staggering around like a couple drunks, and then do it again!
  7. Alanaana

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    Wow! Those cable spools are works of art. Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a fun swing!
  8. Alanaana

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    They really make great and handy tables! I like to think that I'm 5' if I stretch and think about good posture Mr. Ana is 6' 1" so we have a similar profile to you and yours. I kind of like not climbing on the counters like a monkey when I need something from the top shelf I haven't had to do that for almost a decade now.
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    Giants! Giants, I say!!

    My mother was 4'7". Though my dad was a bit closer than 12+ taller. He was 5'5" and 3/8" at his tallest. He's now around 5'2", but he's 91.

    My sister could hit 5' first thing in the morning after a long night's sleep and a chiropractor visit the day before. I say "could", as she's now over 60, so has probably shrunk some.

    That I'm aware of, I'm the tallest in my family in the last four generations at 5'8"+. It's the leprechaun in us.

  10. Kamp Krap

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    Personally I would love to be short. The sheer number of things just above eye level that I bust my forehead on are nearly infinite. Open overhead wall cabinet doors being my biggest pet peeve in the world and are all just about targeted dead center of my forehead! And then when in any store folks are always asking me to get them something off the top two shelves :) I don't mind that, but you would think stores would give some consideration to the vertically challenged! Of course the older I get the farther away the things on the bottom two shelves get!
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  11. Tempstar

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    Yep. They definitely are making the floors too low these days.
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  12. Seawolf1090

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    I am 6'4". About the only advantages are reaching high shelves and changing light bulbs.
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    I'm just shy of 6' and the Wife is 5'4", were quite the pair! She wears heels to keep her at kissin hight, otherwise I would throw my back out each morning bending down to give her a kiss!
    I keep shrinking, I was 6'2" about 5 years ago, but ironically, I some how got wider as gravity must be compressing me! Buddy of mine is nearly 6'8" only dude I know who has to step DOWN to get into a lifted pickup! First to find out it's raining, last to drown!
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