Another serious attack on 2nd amendment

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    The left likes to slide things in the back door of Congress when they think no one is paying attention. Y'all need to watch this one and contact your Congress folks asap to give them your views. The Origin of this one is Barbara Boxer of Commiefornia. It however has overtones of pushing from the Lord Obummer administration.

    Bill Gives The IRS Power To: Authorize The Removal Of The Right To Own A Firearm – | Congressman Tom Tancredo

    by Admin on April 21, 2012 in Tom Tancredo with 25 Comments
    With the help of Representatives like Barbara Boxer of California, a bill rapidly working through Capitol Hill (passed through the Senate and is currently up for review in the House) will give the IRS power to:

    • Accuse Americans of delinquency of tax payment without due process
    • Revoke their passports and travel rights
    • Place the accused in a centralize database
    • Authorize the removal of their right to own a firearm
    • No formal charges are required. Simply the accusation from the IRS is sufficed to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights.

    “There is no requirement that the tax payer be guilty of or even charged with tax evasion, fraud, or any criminal offense — only that the citizen is alleged to owe the IRS back taxes of $50,000 or more,” reports the Daily Economist.

    In essence, these blacklisted citizens would be remotely labeled “domestic terrorists” and treated as such.

    Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel bragged to the Brady Center that the ‘No Fly’ list. Emanuel proudly stated that those on the “no fly” list could not own a firearm because of their suspicious status." Rahm Emanuel bragged to the Brady Center that the ‘No Fly’ list. Emanuel proudly stated that those on the “no fly” list could not own a firearm because of their suspicious status.

    Rahm Emanuel, if you are on No Fly List, No Gun! Alex Jones Film, The Obama Deception - YouTube

    Moreover, the IRS and this bill will suspend travel rights to more than “30,000 active-duty troops and a similar number of reserve-component members owe the Internal Revenue Service a collective $390 million in back taxes, according to IRS data,” reports WTLX.

    And federal employees are not immune to this revoking of their rights.
    IRS figures show that in 2010, “98,000 federal employees owed a combined $1 billion in back taxes.” As well as a shocking amount of members of the Senate combined owe an estimated $2 million dollars in unpaid taxes.

    As this move by the Federal Reserve, with support by our elected officials, empowers the IRS to bully all citizens of America into paying an unconstitutional tax, we can clearly see that the central banking cartels are in charge of the US and not any branch of US government; including their puppet Barack Obama.

    This more toward suspicion without accusation is the slow and incremental tip-toe by the global Elite toward an encompassing takeover of our American Republic and transform it into a Fascist dictatorship. The Obama administration, through the NDAA, signing statements, and executive orders has continued the process started by certain previous Presidents. And this has all happened right under our noses. Without much resistance by the American public, our US Constitution is being shredded.

    The time has come to stop complying with this system.

    The global Elite will not stop until they have their One World Government. There is no negotiating. They demand total submission of the populations of all nations and countries.

    We out number them dramatically.

    We can stop them once we unilaterally stop complying with their takeover.

    IRS Ban on Travel Masks Fed’s Takeover of America
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    It is time to turn the power off in the capital and back on in the town halls
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    Ummm........thought just popped into my head. Don't Liberal Gun Grabbers realize a Gun has two ends? The Right End to be on & the WRONG End to be on. So when they reach out to grab guns, they might be on the WRONG End?
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    Let me start off by saying, I may be wrong here. But I don't see anywhere in the bill where it authorizes the IRS to take your firearms away, just your passport or now allow you to get a passport. I have read the section 40304
    a couple of time and see no mention of firearms. In fact, in the entire bill the only mention of firearms is under the hazardous materials section.
    Unless there is another bill out there that does add firearms to the IRS deliquency provision, I sure don't see it in this bill.
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    The bill in question is Senate bill 1813 - the highway trust fund bill. It is a domino effect situation. Read what this bill does, if it passes, and the watch the video of Rahn Emanuel on the first post. Bill in Congress could suspend your passport if you own taxes to the IRS - The Daily Economist
    Seems pretty damn clear to me.
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    OK, maybe I'm still recovering my head cold, but connecting the revocation of you passport to loosing your firearms right seems a bit of a stretch.

    Did you know that video of Rham is from 2007? How revilement is that today?

    I've googled only found bills that have been presented but never passed to make it so that if you are on the no-fly list then you can't buy a firearm. Again, I could not find anything that passed.

    I have read portions of the bill 1813, have you? Search the text for firearms and tell me where is shows up and what it relates to. Nothing about ownership.

    I'm not saying I like this bill, but I don't like it people make things out to be what they are not. Just HOW is this a back door owning firearms? There's NOTHING in this bill that prevents you from owning a firearm!!

    Yes, I read the article in the OP, and the comments. Look at the comments where it brought out that there is nothing about firearm ownership. This bill also does not mention adding you to the no-fly list, just that if you more than $50k to uncle sam you don't get your passport.
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    Think this will force obummer's fellow demonazis to finally pay THEIR back taxes...? No, I don't either. :rolleyes:
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    Maybe the guy that wrote the article is a bit sensitive to anything that challenges the second amendment even as an unintended consequence, but with the left and gun grabs I consider nothing they do with that result as unintended.
    Example, the non grandfathered in "domestic violence" provision. This was done during the Clinton administration. If you have any type of a domestic violence conviction, instant no allowable gun ownership! I had a friend screwed on this one. His old lady was bigger than him and often while impaired on alcohol. To make a long story short, in SC the cops do not need a complaintant. They can charge one, both, or neither, after they respond. Cops came, lies were told, both went to jail, both were convicted. I would not want to go down that rabbit hole, ever.
    This BS up in Michigan with the pig farmers right now. It's a State thing with Michigan's DNR, but somehow a law with no legislative enactment process, is a FELONY. You realize of course, and can we all say it, .... FELONY CONVICTION is grounds for no gun ownership allowed.
    Hundreds of things I did as a kid that were then mistomeanors are now considered FELONY crimes. WHY if not a backdoor gun grab?
    Maybe I am seeing boogiemen where they don't exist, but I think not.
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    We all need to keep watch on things like this. With .gov, it's never a stretch to move from one area to another.
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    It's all good. The russians are coming here to train in counter terrorism tactics. I seem to remember that they did a pretty good job with dealing with chechins in a certain bus incident and then again at a theater.

    Maybe they are coming here to train OUR dhs in dealing with domestic issues.

    Trap us inside, set up internal passport systems (ala' russia) and squash the rebellion.

    just sayin'
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    Well if they think they could pull something off domestically, they will need all the training they can get!! While they are at it, a firm belief in God will help them too because they are about to meet him.
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    As they slowly turn the screw's down on us- we need to prepare to hunker down!!
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