another shooting at the border

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    I dunno if this hit the news, but yesterday while waiting to unload in San Diego I headed down to TJ for a couple of cartons of cheap smokes, I JUST get back into the U.S and all of a sudden ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE
    im on the floor and I hear the UNMISTAKEABLE sound of MR.AK47 and he was answered by M4...nobody was hurt but the perps....
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    That just sounds to me like the proper response to an improper action. [flag][gun]
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    The BP shot back???

    WOW...I thought their orders were to run and hide.
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    Police: Agents felt trapped when firing guns on vans at busy San Diego border crossing

    Associated Press
    09/23/09 4:25 PM PDT

    SAN DIEGO — An investigator says federal agents felt trapped when they fired guns at a van packed with suspected illegal immigrants at the nation's busiest border crossing.
    San Diego police Lt. Kevin Rooney said Wednesday that the agents were on foot and didn't have an area where they felt they could flee as two vans sped straight at them.
    Four people were injured Tuesday after drivers of three vans attempted to storm past inspectors at the San Ysidro port of entry connecting San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. Two were struck by gunfire, and two others were hurt when one of the vans hit a truck. Rooney says none of the injuries was life-threatening.
    Authorities say two drivers were arrested and expected to be charged with smuggling. Another driver fled to Mexico, where he was captured, and will be prosecuted there.
    THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.
    SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego police have arrested two of the three drivers who tried to storm their immigrant-filled vans past border inspectors. The driver of a third van has fled to Mexico.
    Police say the two unidentified drivers are in federal custody, along with 74 people who were inside the three vans.
    Police say federal agents on Tuesday afternoon shot and wounded the 31-year-old male driver of one van and a 42-year-old male occupant when the vehicles tried to cross at the San Ysidro port of entry connecting San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.
    Authorities say one of the vans then smashed into a truck, injuring a 37-year-old male van passenger in the head.
    A 30-year-old passenger in the truck was treated at a hospital after complaints of pain.
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