Another Texas Religion Group what the Hell?

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    Texas minister charged in Internet sex sting

    BRYAN, Texas - A minister from a Dallas-area Baptist megachurch was caught in an Internet sex sting and charged with online solicitation of a minor, police said Friday.
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    Undercover officers posing as a 13-year-old girl communicated with Joe Barron, 52, of Plano for about two weeks. The online conversations were sexual in nature, police said.
    On May 6, Barron suggested meeting the girl in person. He eventually made the nearly 200-mile drive to Bryan on Thursday, when he was arrested. Police said they found a web-cam and condoms in his car.
    Barron was released Friday night from the Brazos County Jail on bond. Police were unsure whether he had an attorney.
    Barron is one of 40 ministers at Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the country with 26,000 members. He ministers to married adults.
    Mike Buster, executive pastor, said in a statement that the church had no record or knowledge of previous improprieties or saw any inappropriate behavior in the 18 months Barron was on the church staff.
    Buster said church officials are fully cooperating with police.
    "We are disturbed and saddened by the reports we have heard and we are praying for the Barron family," he said.
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    He needs to be strung up by the gonads for starters....
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    I'm not at all surprised. I am seeing more and more of this every day. Those who speak against such things as child abuse, drug use and prostitution are often the ones who indulge in such vices. It's like the world has completely turned around and not for the better. Once, perhaps, there were preachers and priests that did their jobs according to the laws in the Bible, now for the majority it's just a big show to increase their pocketbooks. I'm not an angel myself, though I never pretend to be something I'm not. The pool of people you can truly trust in is getting smaller and smaller.
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