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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Aug 21, 2011.

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    Guit, you should turn my A** in ASAP, and see if someone comes out here looking..... Would be a fun experiment....... and I have all those things in stock, and preps...
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    I always tell my wife that we're sunk if the cops ever have to come into our house for anything. I laugh when I see what the cops lay out and photograph after raiding a house for drugs or such. They'll lay everything out on a blanket - one shotgun (say it isn't so), a pistol (oh my!) twenty four rounds of ammunition (call the ATF), two-hundred and six dollars in cash (obviously they're drug dealers), and a book that possibly alludes to improvised explosives (Oh my God! Call the bomb squad!), oh yeah, and three joints of marijuana (Decadent scion of the antichrist!). I consider myself to be moderate to the extreme, and what's in my house (legally) makes the stuff I see laid out on those blankets pale by comparison. What always makes me laugh is that most of the stuff they lay out to photograph isn't illegal in any sense. Taken all together, they apparently make the person look more criminal-like. The cops would need a bigger blanket for most of the folks on this forum. Ha ha!
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    A classic demonization technique. It's going on right now and members of the Tea Party and what it stands for are in the X-hairs.

    The Tea Party movement is a threat and they will do whatever they can (e.g., baseless accusations of racism, ad hominem attacks on character, characterizing people as threats, having fellow citizens report them for....what?) to make the a social pariah.

    We can only hope that enough people can see through their bullsh*t to vote them out of office.

    My wife and I have the same conversations. I always think that if I get in a accident or pulled over on gun-range day "How am I gonna explain this." You know Johnny law is gonna want to know "Where's the invasion? You afraid of something?" What would even be worse is if some security guard looked in my Prius parked at work and noticed the "assault rifle" bags and ammo cans. They'd for sure think I was a disgruntled employee aimed on revenge.
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    When they ask "What are you afraid of?" you reply "Not a Dam thing....." That always shuts them up.....
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    I am not attacking, and I'm not trying to start a s**t-storm, I'm just asking a question - me to you.

    Does some of the funding to the tea party coming from big business bother you?

    I am absolutely independent - neither Republican nor Democrat (a curse on both their houses) - but some of the articles I've been reading on where Tea Party financing is coming from causes me to wonder just how "grass roots" the Tea Party is. I'm not doubting that most of the membership is absolutely sincere, and I don't doubt that big business funds both of the two mainstream parties, but the Tea Party is highly touted as a "party of the people." Thoughts?
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    The problem with trying to classify "The Tea Party" by the left and anyone else is that it is not a single entity. It is not an organized, consolidated body like the GOP or the DNC etc. You can't paint it with a broad brush. There are literally thousands of different groups around the country, in every state, that are "Tea Party" but they are not affiliated with each other outside the common, shared goals and philosophies.

    So in the sense of an independent, people organized, grass roots movement, then all of these groups and peoples certainly qualify.

    It is the PTB, the establishment, etc. that want to lump them all together into one group. Much easier to infiltrate, manipulate, and destabilize that way. So I am sure that some "Tea Party" sattelites are being funded by strings attached money. And there are some groups that are led by GOP schills and puppet masters. But you can't let the attempts to sabotage the movement by a few tarnish the entire body.

    As for the terrorist classification in the OP. This reminds me of the sometimes heated debates we had over the "Patriot Act" and other "anti-terror" laws. I argued then that to deprive and or infringe upon, American citizens constitutionally guaranteed rights in the name of "fighting terror" was a slippery slope that we did not want to go down. The other side argued that it was needed to fight the Jihadists and to protect us.
    We argued that the definition of "terrorist" is apt to change and these laws that so many "patriotic" Americans were supporting then could in the future be applied to them. Well I think we see that coming to fruition now with this kind of stuff. Any law that we allow now, any degree of torture or monitoring, phone tapping, surveillance etc that we have no qualms about doing to "them" we had better be prepared to have it done to "US".
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    There is a reason; white people, especially white males, are the only group who aren't protected by some form of special rights law.
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    I am so BONED!
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    I like the term--leaderless opposition. Hard to stop something if you cannot find the head.
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    But they sure are trying to squelch those who hold the tea party principles by claiming we are moonbats on the loose regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof.
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    Foreign nationals don't concern me very much - at least not where I live.
    What concerns me is the .gov committing acts of terrorism against its citizens.
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    I can understand that line of reasoning.

    Coming from someone who has been on the other side of the earphones, I feel sorry for anyone tasked to monitor my boring communications. I hope they have a vast supply of coffee on hand.

    They'll be convinced that I must be speaking in code, because no one could really be this boring.
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    I figure by now I have to be on any number of "lists"...
    1) older
    2) white
    3) male
    4) Veteran
    5) disabled
    Yeah, I can see where I'm headed!
    But then again, I am pretty good at disappearing from sight if need be.
    I would have to NOT use a debit card, avoid the bank, which means scarce funding for surviving....At this point, I could last for maybe a year or more....
    But I'd have to do some "foraging", to ensure I have enough food supply to last a year or more too.
    One thing I have yet to be able to overcome is:
    "IF" I should EVER require medical treatment for anything, and I go to any VA or other facility, I will be found in less time than a hummingbird's heartbeat!
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    Hmmm much as I expected.......

    No brain!!! ; )
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    No Chell... You missed the point..... No Group Head, but plenty of individual Heads, all thinking similar things.... Kind of like the Monkey Tree.... Yea, we have "The Founders" but we EACH have our own thoughts, and we have our very similar, and Like-Minded Opinions, on many of the basic issues in life.
    Tea Party is very similar in nature.... and that is what makes it different from all the rest of the sheeple, walking down the street..... YMMV....
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    OMG!! I just bought MRE's and another 'night flashlight' at Wally's and was looking at a bipod..... I am so screwed. :oops:

    Obersturmgrupenfuerer Incompetano will not be pleased.......[whipem]
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    Phoo. Distributed brain, a la "assimilation." Whack a head, and another one will pop up. Careful, chelly, or we will assimilate you, too, you will be one with us on the terrorist watch lists.

    [beat] :lol:
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    It's is away for the goverment to look like they are doing a good job protecting the American citizen's from the evils of the world. When the truth is we only need to be protected from one evil, our own Goverment.
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  20. chelloveck

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    Resistance is futile! ;)

    I think I already have an ASIO file....or...more to the point, ASIO has a file on me.

    I understand the structure....but having looked at the movement as a phenomenon, it seems like the Australian equivalent of the right wing of the Australian Labor Party allied with the drys of the Australian Liberal Party. Only that the Tea Party seems to me to be a homanunculus of conservative/libertarian thinkers strapping themselves to the back of their nearest ideological analogues...the Republicans. I may be wrong...and my wrongness will undoubtedly be pointed out to me, but my gut feeling is that they are a group that sees themselves as kingmakers, who'll press the Republicans for concessions to the Tea Party's ideological platform, in exchange for helping to overthrow the incumbent President.
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