Another Visit To The Retina Doc

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by TXKajun, Aug 26, 2016.

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    It's been 6 weeks since my last visit to my eye doctor, so we headed over there yesterday (3.5 hour trip one way). On the way, I got a call from the Sleep Lab over there and they had a cancellation last night and asked if I could make it to see how my sleep apnea is. I've been trying to schedule the test for months, so I said "You betcha!" So I saw the eye doc who gave me outstanding news...I am free to do almost anything I want, within reason, including a little weight lifting and walking on treadmill all I want. The cataract he predicted has reached the point where I can get it taken care of and he said I should end up with 20:40 vision in my left eye! WOW!

    The sleep study went well. I've been on a CPAP/APAP since 2005 and this is the first follow-up I've ever had. The sleep tech said everything went well and results should be ready in 5-10 days. I've got a follow-up scheduled with my pulmonologist Sept 12, so should get results and new prescription the. WOOHOO! (As an aside, when I called my new boss to ask for an additional day off, he informed me he has severe sleep apnea, but has never had it treated! He's really been suffering all the classic symptoms for years and it's taken a heavy toll on him. We talked about it a bit, and we'll talk more.....until I hound him into getting a sleep test and on a CPAP! Also, another of my coworkers had a sleep test done a month ago and we've been exchanging info on sleep apnea and treating it. He's been on a CPAP for about 3 weeks now.)

    Sweetie and I had a great time in the big town yesterday. We ate at 2 really good restaurants, she spent the night at a nice hotel and I got 2 medical results that were super. :) Thank you, Jesus!

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    [touchdown]Woo Hoo!!
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    Excellentomente! (y)
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    Great News....
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    With bad news rampant, good news is a joy to hear. :)
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    Thanks, everyone. This retina detachment thing has been going on since May. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement from everyone here.

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    I second that sentiment.... great news!!
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    Good on ya, Mate!
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    As a long time sleep apnea sufferer, I'm so glad for you! That rocks! :)
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    Roger THAT, RH.
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    This eye thing (retina) has been the longest pita, on-going medical problem I've had to date. The sleep apnea has been treated with CPAP/APAP. Heart artery roto-rooted and stent emplaced. Arthritis in right shoulder comes and goes as weather changes, a couple of tylenol and it's taken care of. A few other aches and pains and general out-of-shape stuff, but this will be taken care of now that I can get some decent exercise.

    One of my ex co-workers (now deceased) tole me his Dad used to say "It takes a brave man (or woman) to get old." I'm starting to understand exactly what he meant! :p But, considering the alternative, I'm not gonna complain too loud.

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    I thank God you are doing great I to use a CPAP the only time I don't is when I am hiking and camping.
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