Another way to give illegals a way to vote

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    Lets see if I understand this fully. The Federal Real ID Act became effective in Florida 01/01/2010. I was born in the USA, Both my parents who were married to each other were USA Citizens native born themselves, ditto back and back, and back until I lost a link in 1839. enuf of that. Also I am a military retiree who has been cleared for Top Secret and had the capability to push the button of two types of nuke weapons if need be. I have a real birth certificate as a USA Citizen. I am willing to show it to anyone who genuinely seems to have the need to see it. I have had a Passport since 1983 or so. I had a draft card and did register with the Selective Service. I have a valid Social Security Number issued to me at the time of my first job, not birth, because it was not a requirement upon birth when I was born. I only have one Social Security Number, not several. I have been a permenant resident of the State of Florida since 1973, and have had the same drivers license number in Florida from then until now.
    Under the Federal Real ID Act in the State of Florida to renew my valid Drivers license I have to provide the following;
    . An Original Birth Certificate
    . An out of state drivers license, or id card, or an acceptable secondary form of id.
    .Proofs of present Florida address from to different sources from a list
    .an original Social Security Card
    Our present President provides the American Peoples what from the above Federal Real Id Act?
    and then to put the icing on this crap filled cake, there is this
    Court Rules Illegals Can Not Be Blocked From Getting Driver’s Licenses

    Posted on March 9, 2012 by Conservative Byte

    An appeals court ordered the state of Alabama on Thursday to stop enforcing additional parts of its controversial new immigration law, pending review of a federal challenge to the measure that is considered the toughest in the nation.
    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, issued a brief order expanding its initial injunction to include provisions that barred illegal immigrants from obtaining a driver’s license and barred courts from enforcing contracts that involved illegal immigrants.
    The appeals court in October blocked the state from enforcing another key provision of the law that required schools to check the immigration status of children on enrollment.
    The provisions are blocked pending the outcome of the legal challenge by President Barack Obama’s administration, which has argued that regulation of immigration should be handled by the federal government and not the states.

    In my opinion this is nothing but a thinly veiled way for Demoncrats to suck up to the Illegals and to also give them a way via the Motor Voter Registration Act a way to vote. What do you think?
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    Hmmm since my license is suspended as of the moment I wonder if I could claim to be an illegal and get me a brand spankin new license in the name of Juan Pablo Cocino
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    Some people think I look like a Mexican, maybe I'd be better pretending to BE one.:mad:
  4. Redneck Rebel

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    LOL I'm awful white, I'd prolly have better luck faking illegal Canadian.
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    Well, just think, you'd get free medical care, subsidized housing, foodstamps, etc..... An not have to pay a dime in taxes!!! Well, should you decided to work any that is...
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    Couldn't get a vote

    The vile democ-rats couldn't get a vote if they didn't buy it.
    Most frustrating is the constant hand-wringing of the republicans. Have they no guts? Have they no sense of right & wrong? Have they no balls?
    Repubs are assailed in all manner of vile forms, yet no one steps up to pop Dick Durbins face out the back of his head. Harry, the lyin sack, reid, next.
    Has it all come to a bunch of words and no action. Is life and your comfort so dear, the beer and football so mesmerizing that no one dare take a stand?
    That is why I work as a lone wolf. Take account of your manhood and then determine if you are fit for the long haul, to answer when called. If not, please go from us, we need not your countenance nor your time. In some long forgotten time henceforth, maybe history will blessedly forget that you were our countrymen. I apologize for the para-phrasing.
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    All the new Alabama law does is enforce currrent Federal Law....... The judicial system is this boarderless so called country is a complete diaster
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    I lucked out last year when renewing my driver's license - every other time you renew, you can do it online or by mail, instead of by personal visit to DMV. But next time, I gotta stand in line there and present the birth cirtificate......
    Hope I don't get Patty or Selma at the window......
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