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  1. Tango3

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    The anti-doom:

    This is certain to be a period of transition .
    I know I have built(?)gained a reputation for posting some pretty dark stuff. Perhaps even made few enemies. In reading various boards I occasionally come across inspirational relief as was the case in this post penned by a latoc board member named “grower”: In a very doomy economic collapse thread (reply#5) on a doomy board.,31512.0.html
    “Grower” says:

    “The transition people. It's us. That's why we were born here, born now. That's what we're here for. We're the place holders, the struts, the steadfast. We are the ones who are here to see. To understand. To do. The mist is clearing, and we know now.

    I've talked with many of you who've shared your sense of calling. Hold fast. Prep hard. Be the calm, the eye of the storm. Provide shelter. Provide solace. Provide strength of purpose and of mind and a steady eye and hand. Be patient. Be compassionate and passionate. Breathe. You'll draw others to you to share the task. Think well and long about your decisions. Others are learning from you. And in turn, they will become your strength and solace and shelter. We'll carry on. We'll make a place bring it into being, whatever is unfolding.

    That's why we've come. It's good.”

    Well said and thank you ”grower”.
  2. RightHand

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    Excellent read T3. Thanks for sharing
  3. overbore

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    T-3, well said as usual. WE happen to be accurate observers and commenters about the good we may do for others and the bad we see on the horizon.

    In this context, I think we can all be like the smallest rain drop which uses a condensation nuculi to form the first droplet which then gathers more to itself; so can we be if we have something, knowledge, skills, education, stores etc to form survival cadres with our own neighbors. No, we can not feed one city but we may be able to feed on family with children who in turn may be taught the real Constitution, the real Republic, our real history our real basis in our Creator, etc.

    Consider a stone thrown into pond: who know how many ripples are formed or what they touch--.

    But on the pragmatic side of things, our currency is headed for total debasement so we should all act appropriately as our individual means allows.

    Laus Deo Overbore
  4. Mountainman

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    Great post. I have most supplies ready for SHTF and am still buying more food.
  5. CBMS

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    I'm so confused... T3 You're not posting doom?
    Isn't that a sign of the end coming?
    Whats going on???[rofllmao][rofllmao][beat]seesaw[ROFL][shtf][shtf]
  6. Tango3

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    Er..I had a dream...
    " Yeah, on that day; I walked out, the last dusty rider appeared on an old bsa golstar.His name was "Lucas" (the prince of darkness). He dismounted, approached, removed his gauntlet and opened the 8th seal which was laid upon his satchel.The heavens boomed with thunder, as out tumbled a bottle of Guiness stout and a pack of Marlboros. I watched as they tumbled end for end and fell to the firmament; While my eyes were down He struck me about the face with the guantlet first the right cheek and then the left . Catching me unawares; for he was the deciever. His voice thundered out across the heavens,and with the cloud splitting chorus of thousands of demons he boomed:


    He remounted; tickled the Amal (wetting his glove) brought the great piston to just over top dead center, kicked his machine to life in a single swing and thundered away.
    leaving me the stout and the cigs...
    and there was much rejoicing...:lol:[gone]

    all this mega doom is making me sick to my stomach...
    it's stuff I really don't fully understand( financials) and reputable financial "experts" describe outright fraud by government so endemic the entire world will be affected just hurts my head. Decisions we made (401k's other investments) areto become valueless)and there isn't a darn thing we can do to change it. but we are better off than most.,we are out of debt(house/vehicles),and have some preps set aside.[booze][beer]
  7. ghrit

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    It is safe to say that there are doom and gloom prophecies that are worth seeing and paying attention to. If for no other reason than thought and evaluation against reality and for the purpose of thinking about being ready for whatever. The truth, as usual, is somewhere between doom and "I'll think about it tomorrow." Very much an individual call. How pessimistic are you?

    I like the stout and Marlboros. Need more stout to go with a pack, tho'. Lucas needs more spares, he is lucky that pup fired on one kick.
  8. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    You can have 'em I don't smoke... dad died of lung cancer in'98,
    the Stout,; however is mine and not long for this world...
    You know the three head light switch positions on a meriden triumph don't you??
    "off" "dim" and "intermittent"
    Lucky on One kick? (boyer ignition...)
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