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    Mcveigh was not a terrorist but we'll tell you who are (peace activist, animal activists,dissenters) the gloves coming off.
    also posted on infowars:

    he Maryland State Police have admitted classifying 53 nonviolent activists as terrorists, including opponents of the war and the death penalty, and tracking them in state and federal “terrorism” databases. Cops infiltrated organizing meetings and rallies, and spied on political email lists, similar to the government infiltration of the RNC. The groups targeted, including the Maryland Campaign to End the Death Penalty and the Baltimore Pledge of Resistance, aren’t suspected of harming anyone, aren’t suspected of bombing anyone, aren’t even suspected of vandalizing property.
    Their crime? They’re “fringe people,” says Thomas E. Hutchins, the former state police superintendent who authorized the operation.
    “I don’t believe the First Amendment is any guarantee to those who wish to disrupt the government,” he said.
    Get this, one activist was described in police databases as having a “primary crime” of “terrorism-anti-government” and a “secondary crime” of “terrorism-anti-war protesters.” This wasn’t an isolated abuse of power, this is a coordinated campaign of harassment and intimidation.
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    I'm "fringe people" are you??
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    I want to be on the list.
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    Yikes, guess I should be on that list also. Downright scary what is happening nowadays.
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    More and more I think my concept of "America" literally doesn't exist any more. I get upset about this kind of spying and tracking but the reasons are gone now. Its still "wrong", but Nobody believes "that' s illegal or "They can't do that!"..I just don't understand why more folks don't see the problems with our"new Amerika".
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    terrorists everywhere.
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    u b 1, eye b 1, y'all b1. wooooooo hooooooo. nuts 2
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