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  1. Yard Dart

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    If They Come To Confiscate Guns You Have to Know What to Expect : Freedom Outpost

    What techniques would you suggest using to prepare and store weapons above and beyond what this article suggest? It is a valid point that if they come... you may not be ready.... and what you have they will find unless you have planned accordingly.
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  2. tacmotusn

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    but, I am going to be so complacent and forthcoming, and helpful ..... right up until I kill the highest ranking SOB within easy pocket pistol distance. I may be dead at that point for sure, but the remaining chickenshat constitution shredding bashtards will damn sure remember me.
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  3. Dont

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    Dogs alert to anyone coming out to a mile or more away.. 5 miles of private road.. and neighbors who will get to talking quick.. Fairly confident that I will be aware ... Said the person that gets caught with their knickers around their ankles.. Lots of guns between me and them..
    Most interesting article and once again thanks for your efforts..
    Another thought for you, someone was asking why are those generals not stepping up to lead the----
    Would have to assume these generals are being closely monitored as possible threats..
    My opinion is that the------ will not be effective in their efforts.. Local possibly.. national....
    Theres a reason why many known people settle in the area..
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  4. techsar

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    That is why getting to know the local police/sheriffs/other authorities can be helpful. Also why having their frequencies programmed into a scanner and listening to it may be important some day. Not going into too many details about early detection, but if you can arrange to be alerted "from the horse' mouth" you may be able to avoid an altercation completely. Win for you - big time! many idiots think that there was a complete, organized attempt to seize weapons during that time. THERE WAS NOT! One police department in an area cut off from most of civilization did a few confiscations, yes. Was it wrong? Most certainly. But it was not the norm. Surrounding areas had opposite reactions, often with the police ensuring the residents had enough ammo to hold out, and in some cases claiming that a looter was actually taken down by "authorities" - to make less of a hassle for the true shooter.
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  5. STANGF150

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    Harden your Home, Defensive Landscaping, slow any attempts to break in your home down by preparing your position in advance. You can not stop them from getting in, but you can make yourself a Hard Target. Steel Doors, high off the ground windows, long skinny tree lined curving driveways, any thing that will buy you time to reach your firearms or escape hatch.
  6. Dont

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    techsar, sounds like there are some good community police down there.. Not every community can say the same.. Would be better to have some pawn shop/yard sale junk guns to hand over while having the serious tools kept some place else...
  7. Witch Doctor 01

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    If you don't have any guns they can't take them....;)
  8. Yard Dart

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    I would rather hand off a throw away gun or two to placate them, so they do not look very hard... being satisfied with the easy find. Maybe a Biden single shot and a few birdshot shells. If they do not find anything right away... the will work harder till they do.... or possibly haul you off in shackles becouse some record shows that you had a gun or bought ammo at some point.... Of course at the juncture I will revert to @tacmotusn tactic and leave a wake for somebody else to clean up. YMMV
  9. fedorthedog

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    It is better to placate the enemy and then attack from another quarter then to die standing. Tactics apply to all situations. Coming to take my stuff just tells me its time to go to war. "You don't win a war by dying for your country, you win a war by making some other poor dumb bastard die for his". I Believe that was a Patton quote.
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  10. HK_User

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    Sold all my guns when I left the City after all that's where all the crime is!
  11. Dont

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    Not having guns in some regions or areas would be telling them that you have them hidden away.. Someone in my community that has no guns is suspect and not the type of people that last long there.. Lots of stories of people walking out of their place with only what they could carry..
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