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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Agreed, no surprise. Hypocrisy runs deep in Hollywood.
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    Theres one not listed there. A Hero to all Gun Nuts. Micheal Grossman aka: Bert Gummer from the Tremours movies & tv show.
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    I would not be surprised by any Hollywood types being antigun. I'd rather they surprise me by pointing out the Hollywood types who do support the 2nd Amendment.
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    I don't spend my hard earned $$$ on the entire entertainment industry period. That goes for TV, movies, album cd's or any kind of sporting events. For we are the one that feed and enrich the industry that wants to take our freedoms away while they laugh all the way to the bank.
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    (Sarcasm on)

    Now don't get upset folks these hollywood stars know that the real danger to our lives are guns... they know all about them... i mean they use them in all of their films... these things penetrate through several block of houses, revolvers that never need reloading, machine guns that never need barrel changes, bolt action fully automatic rifles, Shotguns that clear a 20 foot swath in the ranks of a crowd,weapons that never miss when shooting guns out of bad guy hands... all of the folks with guns are gang bangers... etc....etc...

    (Sarcasm off)
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    even the HollyWeird types that aren't strictly anti-gun are actually anti-gun supporters thru their insane support of Obammy and the other Kalifornia leftiest pols ....
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    I wonder if the Hollywood sect, bodyguard's having to give up their gun's, would make them a bit nervous and rethink the anti-gun stance?
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    Remember Rosie Odonnels stance? She was was armed because she was IMPORTANT. The rest of us peasants were to give up our guns because we just couldn't handle them.
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    Rosie O'fatasses' mouth has killed more people than my 1911.
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