anti-gun propaganda: odd question from concerned parents

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Nanny-State propaganda

    You should also ask to see if the other parents have a pool, because those kill more kids every year than guns.

    What about toxic chemicals under the sink?
    Alcohol in the cabinet/fridge?


    I guess they haven't read the studies by John Lott, which would refute these claims. John Lott's Website

    Logically, however, I guess the statement is true. I have zero risk of dying in a parachuting accident if I never go parachuting.

    You probably can't walk 10 steps in my house without a gun being hidden somewhere. So, I don't actually think safety is unwarranted, it's just the method by which these moral-entrepreneurs push their agenda is the problem.
  2. beast

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    we were taught respect for guns as kids
    my father was like you, there were guns near every exit
    and some windows, never knew when a deer might be in range and the timing right
    or when something would get into the livestock
    we grew up handling dads guns, he taught us to use and respect them
    when we were old enuff we got one of our own
    my guns are all in the same types of places
    the grandkids are shown them, told not to touch them
    they have seen them fired and watched them kill
    they sometimes look at them but they never go near them without asking
  3. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    personally, i feel accidental shootings and kids playing with guns
    is the fault of lousy parenting
    same for drug use and crime
    there is a reason a kid is called spoiled
    it means they are rotten and useless, no good
    it comes from parents that really should never be allowed children
    when your fruit is rotten, you dispose of it
    when your meat is rotten you bury it
    if your gun was spoiled you get rid of it
    so why do we intentionally spoil our children and expect them to be any good?
  4. ghrit

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    "ASK" is wrong. "DO" is right. "Do" train your kids, and others as necessary, very early in life.
  5. Witch Doctor 01

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    The greatist killer of american is the very proponent of the Ask campaign... the medical practioners..

    And people wonder why health care costs are so high....

    It's important to note that not everyone has a gun but almost everyone has a Doctor...
  6. Seawolf1090

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    I keep guns in my home because my doctor doesn't make house calls, and would be useless in a home invasion anyways........ [gun]
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  7. Seacowboys

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    The problem with statistics is not only that they support a syllogistic intent, but that what proponents to be true generally is to a certain degree. For example, it would be difficult to have an accidental discharge of a firearm where no firearms exist. Also, it is true that you are four times as likely to be involved in a firearms accident than there is to defend oneself with a firearm. What this doesn't say is what constitutes a firearms accident? They would imply that a child is killed horribly each time a firearm gets accidentally fired into the ceiling or floor. They don't mention that this dead child only happens maybe once out of how many accidental discharges? While it is true that more kids accidentally drown in private swimming pools than get killed accidentally by a firearm in their home, I do not see pool owners forming national organizations to teach "Pool safety" to children nearly as much as I see folks in the NRA, but this must be for some totally and statistically unrelated fact.seesaw
  8. beast

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    statistics are just propoganda
    like, "most major accidents happen within 25 miles of home"
    well, isnt like 95% of all driving done within 25 miles of home?
    specially driving to and from work when we are tired and stressed?
    or the 2nd man in a 2 person race - he came in second but they say he came in last
    statistics like i say are just garbage used to get someones way
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  9. Seacowboys

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    90% of all firearms related accidents are caused by right-handed people but that is only because 90% of all people, including miscreants, firearms owners, and Baptists are right handed. The sylogistic extention would imply that right handed people are more dangerous than left-handed people.
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  10. Seacowboys

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    I think the Liberal's advocate comes out in me when I start hitting the medicinal bong.
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  11. STANGF150

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    Ummm..........I just have to ask. What if you are Ambidextrous ? Granted I'm Right Handed with Guns, but in nearly everything else I'm Ambi!!!
  12. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    100% of children that survive adolescence become teen agers
    hmmm, maybe we should kill all 10 year olds?
    like ive said before, statistics are garbage, created for propoganda use
    nothing more
    whoever uses them is just working on their own agenda and uses them solely for gaining control thru lies
  13. Tikka

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    If they want us to to put our trust in statistics why do they say we are profiling when we do?
  14. beast

    beast backwoodsman

    should find out the stats on how many people own guns that HAVENT killed anyone
    or how many people have legal guns that have not been used in a crime
    or how many guns the govt has that have killed people
    and how many innocents have been shot by law enforcement officers
    or how much damage is done by cops shooting back and not hitting the bad guy
  15. Seawolf1090

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    I once read a statistic saying "Couch Accidents" injured more Americans per year than guns.......

    Dang, I'll miss that comfy couch....... :rolleyes:
  16. tacmotusn

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    Ah, elightenment! An intelligent soul in search of the truth. To bad you are a mere civilian. You are not allowed the truth! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH !!! It has so been decreed by the gubbermint. So sorry.
  17. Tikka

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    Politicians have done this nation and Her people more damage than a firearm or a cigarette.
  18. FTG-05

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    Any gun safety article that doesn't mention the NRA, the one gun safety organization teaching gun safety for ... what, a hundred years or more(?), is obviously a hit piece.
  19. chelloveck

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    Yes...couches, like guns are definitely dangerous!

    I wonder how many couch accidents, like gun "accidents" were caused by the user's stupidity??? I think that would be an interesting statistic.

    YouTube - ‪Dramatic Couch Crash‬‏

    My understanding is that couch accidents cause more conceptions than deaths than guns...but I may be wrong on that point of course. : O
  20. BTPost

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    Or are ALCOHOL related.... Chell...... Ouch, that looks like broken bones to " Me".......
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