Anti high cap mag bill introduced

Discussion in 'Politics' started by -06, Aug 15, 2011.

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    All the shootings have in common are victims that couldn't shoot back.
    The shootings were only possible because the victims
    Were unarmed. A peaceful society is one in which these vile law breaking
    Murders are stopped by an armed citizenry.
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    Another politician that don't know her elbow from her brown ring ,it wasn't the gun or the mag that pulled the trigger .
  4. CATO

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    Moron vote panderer alert! Egad! Gun clips?? Why can't reporters get a flippin clue?

    Democrats think about issues for about 3.2 seconds before making a decision on it.

    Maybe she needs to amend that bill to only allow sales of knives < 2".

    Interview with stupid democrat (which is redundant):

    Me: We're speaking today with democratic Congressman Hugh Janus...Congressman Janus, would you prefer to allow people to have a .32 caliber pistol with a 7 shot magazine or a pump shotgun with 4 shells of buck shot?

    Janus: We're not after deer hunters....and 7 shots are more deadly than 4.

    Me: What if I told you that in every shell in that shotgun, there are 9 .32 caliber, if you're having trouble with the maths...if you have 3 in the tube and one in the pipe, you have 36 .32 caliber projectiles capable of doing massive damage--more on that later....much more than that pea shooter.

    Janus: Well...I don't know about tubes and pipes...I'm not a plumber or gun expert, but we have to do something to limit these high capacity guns in the hands of maniacs.

    Me: So, you're making legislation without having all the just claimed you don't really know that much about guns, yet, you're making law on a subject you know nothing about. Do you think this will stop people killing each other? If a highly motivated individual wants to kill people, that person will do so. Do you know who Charles Whitman was? Didn't think so...well, he didn't have a high capacity gun and did a lot of damage. Luckily, those shells for deer permanently relieved him of the cancerous tumor which caused him to do what he did.

    Recall Susan Smith, the self-centered idiot who drowned her own kids by pushing her car in a lake so she could run off with her beau who just broke up with her because he didn't want to have children holding him back...member her? So, should we outlaw lakes, cars, seat-belts, or maniacs who have vaginas? Is the futility of any of this getting through to you?

    Charles Whitman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    high-capacity gun clips bwahahahahahahahaha


    I only use standard capacity stripper clips or chargers to fill my magazines!

    as for revolver 'half moon or full moon' clips those typically aren't high capacity.

    gimme a 'banana clip' any freaking day I hear they are a good source of potassium

    anyway, I'm in the boat of banning something does absolutely nothing because those with criminal intent are not going to care about breaking the law anyway.

    I wonder if they are going to outlaw cars, bridges or tidal creeks in Chappaquiddick?
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    OMG!!! Thats that same dumb @#$% that one her Previous Gun Banning Bills, didn't know what a barrel shroud was, just that she wanted to ban it!!!

    Same Bill perhaps as she tried Four Years Ago?
    Carolyn McCarthy - YouTube
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    I don't care what the propaganda machine generates anymore. Come get these AR-10 mags woman.
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    I'd like to see a bill to end STUPIDITY in Congress...... that would empty those hallowed halls real quick.

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    Just trying to get another step closer to Big Brother controll they know the less rounds citizens can fire to defend them selves and the more rounds Big Brother can fire there will be alot less resistance. I'll just have to go back to the basics. Slow down, sight picture, controll breathing and trigger control. They don't understand that one well placed shot take's the place multiple rounds and that from a greater distance it will be harder to locate the shooter.
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    I don't see this going anywhere. You can count on the "usual suspects" throwing out the same legislature every time there is a tragedy. Of course they ignore the fact that the same legislature has been slapped down several times since the sunset of the last ban... not happening anytime soon, thank God.

    Go ahead and renew your NRA membership while we are discussing this.
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