Anti-Hunting Protesters Disrupt Denver ISE Show

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    This happened in Denver at the Sportsman show. I can see this happening. I am from back East and during hunting season it was nothing to see a deer strung up in someones yard. It was a thing of pride. People congratulated others on their harvest. Now I am in CO and have taken hunters safety. One of the talking points during the class was to cover your deer and don't let anyone see because you could offend or upset someone. My co-worker (from NW) had an incident while processing after he got his elk. He never considered how his cul de sac would react and they did. Welcome to the big city!

    Anti-Hunting Protesters Disrupt Denver ISE Show - Grand View Outdoors

    "My eight-year-old daughter looked at a woman holding a sign that read “I Love Hunting Accidents,” then peered up at me through worried eyes and asked, “Daddy, does that lady want you to die?”

    ^^^ that above makes me furious because the little girl understood, she questioned. Yes, those people do want her Daddy dead all because he chooses to harvest deer to help keep the herd healthy and to feed his family. What kind of people would hold signs like that?
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    Yeah, I saw that post some time ago. Just like the lib-tard that reworked the pro-gun safety message so that the woman talking had her head splashed all over the screen when a gun comes out of the side and "shoots" her in the head and then said anyone who owns a guns should die. These people see no problem with killing others who disagree with them but of course are "non-violent". Remember Rosie O'Cow that said that anyone with a gun should be thrown in prison, then had HER kid taken to school with an armed guard? Or Teddy "Fat Boy" Kennedy who had his body guard walk into Congress with two illegal machineguns and got the guy off? Well of course Teddy was a felon and couldn't own guns...

    Tell your buddy to bring his elk over and we'll butcher it in my front yard and he can pick up some pointers about dealing with lib-tards that he can use at home! I try to be nice to my neighbors, but since they run in terror when I wave at them, and have since the day I moved in here ("Hi neighbor! I just moved in to the house here and..." "EEEKKK! A White, Christian, gun owning, heterosexual Man! The horror! The horror! Lock the doors!"), I got no problem dealing with them as they seem they want to be dealed (for the language Nazis, yes I know it is "dealt") with.
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    The hypocrisy is amazing. The only problem I have is how hunters now have to almost hide and skulk around because someone could be offended. It makes no sense. I know you cannot reason with some people but I do not like the thought of animals starving so hunting is good as long as it is controlled and not overdone.

    You mentioned you had an issue with your neighbors. Sounds like it hasn't gotten better.

    It was at the bottom of one of the articles you posted.
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    Better not post my opinion on this subject. I'll have the SWAT teams breaking down my front door at 3 AM.
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    Hey they have to protest somewhere. Most state have made it illegal for them to do so during the hunting season, in the woods where the hunters are. That and Boone and Crocket have new Trophy specs for Protesters harvested by fair hunt in the woods. Numerous Categories abound. Fattest, Ugliest, Bald Women ala Sinead O'Conner, Biggest Mouth, etc etc
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    It is getting bad enough where new legislation to protect hunters from harassment is needed.

    It is a special kind of stupid for the tree hugging clowns going out in the woods armed with noise makers and cameras going up against a lawful hunter armed with a 30-06.
    Hunters in Michigan have the right to enjoy their sport free from unreasonable and deliberate interference from those opposed to hunting as a legitimate use of public land and other natural resources.

    Michigan law prohibits individuals from obstructing or interfering with the lawful taking of animals. The Department of Natural Resources supports hunting as a legitimate form of recreation and as a useful tool in the management of the wildlife resource. Michigan conservation officers are committed to protecting hunters from the intentional disruption of the hunting experience.

    Individuals, whose hunting is being obstructed, should promptly report the violation to the DNR toll free complaint line at 1-800-292-7800, a local conservation officer, or the nearest DNR office facility.

    Hunter harassment is a misdemeanor offense. Law enforcement officers may issue a citation for violations which take place in their presence, or may arrest with a warrant obtained on information provided by the affected hunter. Acting in cooperation with each other, the hunter and the conservation officer can be an effective team in ensuring the full protection of Michigan's hunters.

    In order for an enforcement effort to be effective, the hunter should be prepared, pay attention to details, contact a law enforcement officer and most important, be willing to take the issue to court and provide credible testimony in any court proceedings.

    Hunters should note the following points; who, what, where, when, and how when reporting any physical or other deliberate hunter anti-hunter confrontation. The hunter should not under any circumstances become involved in a physical confrontation with any individual. Hunters being harassed should inform the harasser of their feelings and request the harassment to stop.

    The burden of proof in any criminal prosecution is on the accuser. To successfully prosecute any person for harassment of another, it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the person intentionally or knowingly committed the violation.
    DNR - Hunter Harassment Overview
    As more than 600,000 hunters prepare for Wisconsin’s firearms deer-hunting opener Nov. 21, state lawmakers in Madison are pressing ahead with a plan that could insulate hunters from surveillance by animal-rights activists.

    The proposal, which would expand the state’s definition of illegal hunter harassment, is a response to tactics employed this fall by a convicted eco-terrorist who says he’s trying to protect bear-hunting dogs from wolf attacks.

    Backers of the proposed legislation, which appears to have strong support among lawmakers, argue that the changes are necessary to protect law-abiding hunters from intimidation and harassment by anti-hunting groups intent on scuttling hunters’ efforts. Opponents say the effort would squelch the public’s ability to monitor hunting on public lands for illegal, unethical and inhumane activities.

    The topic might come up at deer camps as hunters begin the state’s nine-day gun season Nov. 21, although they appear unlikely to be affected this fall. The leader of the group at the center of the controversy, Wolf Patrol, says he’s withdrawn previous plans to be out in force during the deer season; the earliest the proposed law could become effective is next year.

    But the issue is well-known to many of the state’s roughly 100,000 bear hunters.


    Earlier this year, animal-rights activist Rod Coronado and his group, Wolf Patrol (, began videotaping hunters preparing for bear-hunting season by setting out bait and training hounds to pursue bears — practices legal in Wisconsin — and putting some of the footage on the Internet.

    The principal supporter of the proposed legislation is state Rep. Adam Jarchow, R-Balsam Lake, whose district stretches along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border from Grantsburg to the Twin Cities metro area.

    Jarchow, a deer hunter, said bear hunters began contacting him immediately with concerns.

    Wisconsin hunter-harassment bill targets animal-rights activists
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    [finger][do-it]'em. The same knucklehead who stalks and harasses a legal hunter, is banking on your restraint to keep him safe. (The same restraint he says you don't have ) these bambie-thumper have been trespassing, breaking and entering, running game with drones, beating drums on property lines, opening cages, stealing harvested game animals off trailers and out of truck beds, for many years. If I ever catch one on my property, he had better hope the game warden is close by and fast to respond. If I am forced to restrain him, he might strangle in the ropes, with all that squirming. Good thing I have the local game wardens on speed dial.
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    Well I don't have to worry about that here at least, because our neighborhood is full of hunters, including both our next door neighbors. My mother has a thing against eating animals she's seen (alive), but that's just her personal preference, it's not absolute and in odd circumstances she has done so, and she doesn't care what other people do.
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    Very few of these Yahoos have the Stones to come to Alaska, and spout their agenda, outside the three Big Towns... And if the ever head out in the Bush, they usually do not make it back out... Coastal Brown Bears, just love, tender FlatLanders, covered in PepperSpray.... I understand that they taste like Black Bears...
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    @Motomom34 's post above has got me to considering moving to that neck of the west, just to be unruly.. I would have absolutely no problem with hanging those tasty critters outside my home and carve steaks off of them in full daylight in front of all the sensitive types.. I would see as telling them "watch it! You may be next!"...

    We do not have that sort of thing happening up here.. The usual greeting is "Have you got your meat in the freezer yet"??? This is truly a hunting culture around here..
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    The part that makes me insane is that they truly wish harm or death on the hunters. What kind of people do that? I may not agree with these people but I do not wish harm to others. That is truly evil to want a fellow human to be slaughtered because they choose to hunt.
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    In my area if there were any anti-hunters they best stay hidden. The hunters far out number the anti's and for many hunting is a way of life and providing for the family. And it doesn't hurt that many of the hunters are backwoods rednecks who wouldn't be afraid to not only tell an anti what they thought but would show them as well.

    And then there's this oldie but a goodie
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