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    I'm so sick and tired of seeing these masked thugs on the news. If we went around with masked faces the police would arrest us and not them. the police seem to be afraid to do anything to these losers but they will arrest a citizen if t6hey try to protect themselves. they don't mind being violent but so afraid that they cover their faces. i could go on and on about them but its just so madding sorry for the rant
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  2. oil pan 4

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    Where at?
    It sure as hell isn't texss.
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  3. SB21

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    I'm with ya Marlas1 ,,,,
    For some reason those pissants get to run around and act like a bunch of thugs with no repurcussions from the law. I don't get it. I talked to a cop one time about an unrelated circumstance , but asked him what the charge would be if I just whooped this dudes ass . He said it would just be simple assault. I asked when would it progress to the next level ,,,,, he said it progresses if they quit bleeding. Which means it goes from simple assault to murder. I'm about to the age were a simple assault charge might not hurt so bad .
  4. BTPost

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    The only place antifa’s get away with their crap is in places like Portlandia, Eugene, SanFra, Chicago, Baltimore, and other “Socalist Republic Cities of America... If they tried such BS in regular.City in the USA they would get arrested for Disturbing the Peace, and get 30 Days picking up garbage along the local Freeway... Pull that crap in ANY Alaska City, and the State Troopers would give them a good “Thump” while getting them arrested...
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  5. oldman11

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    I’m afraid if they came out to the country they would quit bleeding.
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  6. Lancer

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    The feral hogs don't care if they're bleeding or not - 24 hours later they're fertilizer.
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  7. Oddcaliber

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    They spread fertiliser as well!
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  8. arleigh

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    Cops wear masks .
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  9. 3M-TA3

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    AntiFa assists a political agenda backed by the people in control of the areas where it flourishes. I'm certain when their role is no longer needed they will suffer the fate that all other useful idiots earn, which is frequently a mass grave. For now Portland Police look the other way while they take over streets and beat cars, smash windshields, etc., unless it's getting filmed by non cooperative media that might actually air it.
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  10. Bandit99

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    Simply and exactly like the Brown Shirt Stormtroopers of old or the Communist Left's version which I can't remember right now, exactly the same.
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  11. Big Ron

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    Domestic terrorists? I don't get why they are not arrested by the FBI.
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  12. Altoidfishfins

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    FBI still has too many 0bama operatives embedded.
  13. Bandit99

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    I suppose what is needed is a group to counter Antifa, exactly like the SA Brown Shirts were to counter Stalin's Communist Leftists. After a few get pounded to pulp then maybe they will have second thoughts about threatening people and their violent actions.

    It is very strange because this is EXACTLY the same sort of ideology fight of the 1930s. Thankfully, the economy is better here than it was in Germany then or we would be in serious trouble...
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  14. 3M-TA3

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    Several short videos highlighting AntiFa during last weekend's protest in Portland. Pretty tame compared to earlier events where they broke windows and looted businesses, etc., also no weapons or piss and shit filled balloons. Portland police more active and it's rumored that Mayor Potter has suffered enough blow back from angry citizens and businesses that he is allowing the police to do their jobs - at least for a while....
    'I was assaulted by a mob': Journo shares videos of Antifa attacking the #HimToo rally in Portland

    Some of these are actually kind of funny, especially the end of the one with the spitting chick in the yellow coat
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  15. OldDude49

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    economy?.... could this be a YET????
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  16. BTPost

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    I suspect that a few of these Antifa Punks are ready for most civilian Hand to Hand Combat encounters, just like a few of the White Nationalists.... and most of the bluster on both sides is just that Bluster... It reminds me of an encouter years ago, in the Hill Top Neighborhood, of Tacoma Washington... These was a Gang of African Americans causing grief in the area, but would always fade into the neighborhood before the Local. Cops could roll on them and scoop them up... When Base Lewis/MaCord was a major training and deployment Base for an Army Ranger Group during the Iran thing, the off Base Housing for junior Officers &. Senior NonComms was in the HillTop area because it was cheap, and available for. Families... After a few encouters between the Wives and children of these Military Familes, and the cops always being hours to late, on the scene, one Sargent Major, and his Cormmander had a Meeting with the Police Chief to get things understood...They got lots of appologies and “We are doing our best.” but No Satisfaction... A week later one night there was a “neighborhood Incident” where a whole bunch of young Thugs were thumped, good, and stacked up in a local Park.. No sounds were heard, no disturbences reported, untill 2Am, and then an anonomous Phonecall from a PayPhone in the Park.. “ Come pick up the bodies... click...” No body died, a few broken bones, lots of black & Blue faces, sides, ribs, and other body parts.. Each thug was given a message, to take home...”Do NOT ever mess with Military Families, AGAIN... “ The message was received, and understood... Hill Top became a very nice neighborhood, after that...
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  17. SB21

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    Nice ,,,,,BT,,,
  18. Illini Warrior

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    Prez Trump had an opportunity in Portland to send a message directly to ANTIFA and the Portland Mayor & PPD >>>> ANTIFA had the local ICE facility blockaded and they were damaging the building and harassing the FED workers ....

    POTUS should have directed ICE to send in a special assembled assault squad to remove the protesters and turn over what survived to the responding PPD >>>> absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain ....
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