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Discussion in 'Back to Basics' started by tacmotusn, May 4, 2010.

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    I am always looking for inexpensive back to basics tools and equipment. This was my latest find. Mine is very similiar to the one shown in the following link.
    I have no idea who the original manufacturer was, but this thing is built like a Abrams tank.
    When doing a further google search, I found the one linked above, and two others priced at $150 and $250. I didn't buy the one online. I got mine at a flea market / garage sale table for $25. It looks even better than the one in the link. Needless to say, I have a big smile on my face.
    I am going to try it out very soon.
    Disassembled and cleaned it. Dried it, and reassembled it. Ground about a quart bag of clean yellow dent corn. Four passes before I was satisfied with consistency. I was being very careful with the adjustment screw, as it was my first time using any type of grain grinder.
    Now to make some fresh cornbread!
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    Dunno about "antique" ( or "primitive" as the website calls it ).....guess that's all in your perspective....just looks like a CS Bell #2 that the paint has faded.

    Mine looks like this:


    First thing you want to do is take the handle off, put on a pulley and hook it to a power source.....because grinding a cup of corn takes a LOT of arm power and time. Be sure you keep oil in the bearing holes if you power it, and don't run it too fast.....the bearing are just brass bushings.

    Wish I'd bought the next size up, actually....the #60.
  3. tacmotusn

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    So much the better, a $299 plus $30 SH, still in production, with parts available, (I will get spare burrs, and look into bushings when I talk to them on the phone and ask for an instruction manual), all for $25 out the door Heavy duty corn grinder. I will sing their praises when I suggest to them a little metal tag identifying them as manufacturer.
    I don't quite understand your comments about powering this thing because grinding corn taking alot of time and arm power. I did do one pass with the burrs making no engagement noises, (I just backed off a little on the adjustment screw from the point where I got burr noise). That pass was the worst with it taking a little bit of arm power. Not that much however, and 3 minutes later I had 4 cups of "cracked corn, chicken feed grind". Each subsequent pass was quicker and easier. Four passes altogether in under 10 minutes total got me 4 cups of excellent "cornmeal for cooking".
    This one is not for grinding fine flour folks. I will however give it 5 stars for grinding your corn. Even at full price this is an excellent corn grinder !!!
    Many of your wheat grinders are severely taxed attempting to grind corn, or have disclaimers saying not to grind corn with them. The grinder above is the corn grinder you want. It will not let you down.
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    Too bad you can locate the source of where Cracker Barrel gets all of their antiques. I've seen several corn grinders there, in addition to lots of other stuff I'd like to have. Come SHTF, I'll be making a trip to Cracker Barrel.
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    Flea markets, estate auctions, antique stores...all will have this type of equipment on a fairly regular basis. The trick is finding a complete, operational unit at a decent price. Not impossible, but it does take some patience!

    Don't forget Craiglist and fleabay...not my first choices, but have seen many on there.
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    Great find! Congrats.
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    I have one of those also. paid $50 for mine all complete except mine came with a very heavy wheel with a wooden handle to operate the grinder itself. The previous owner had also fitted a v-belt drive wheel and had it mounted to a heavy board and driven by a 12 dc generator from an old Chevy truck
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