Any CZ Pistol Folks Here?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by GOG, Mar 11, 2017.

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    I just bought a CZ 75D PCR 9mm for a new carry pistol. It's the compact version of the 75B with an alloy frame and a decocker. Here's a link: CZ 75 D PCR Compact - CZ-USA

    I've been carrying my High Power for going to town and at two pounds plus ammo it can be a bit obnoxious after a while. While pondering this situation I had the thought to perhaps purchase a new, somewhat lighter firearm. ;) A 1911 Commander jumps right to mind, but I just stopped carrying one, switching to the High Power this past year. So it just seemed kind of goofy to go backwards even though I love the 1911.

    Thinking back I remembered a CZ 75B I used to have that I liked a bunch. In fact its handling and ergonomics felt kind of similar to the High Power, my favorite of all nines. So I looked at their line and found the model I bought. It's a scarce model and they pretty much sell for retail, but I didn't hesitate. It gives up a round, down to 14 rounds from fifteen.

    I've handled the CZ75 compact and loved it but I felt the steel frame was too heavy for a compact. This should be about perfect. (I hope.) Something else, CZ pistols have the slide mounted inside the frame rather than outside it.

    I bought it online from Minnesota and it should be here Monday. So with any luck Tuesday is range day.

    So now I've told my tale, are there any CZ folks here? I know the brand has a following, so please feel free to relate any CZ pistol related stuff.
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    Love the CZ line up, I'm partial to the old school CZ 82. Nice and compact, a Big Boys version of the PPK.[​IMG]
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    My favorite full size 9mm is a Tanfoglio TZ-75 I bought back in the 1980's when the "Zed" was unobtanium and IIRC couldn't be imported into the US. It's a very good clone of the CZ 75 and you would be hard pressed to tell them apart. Fits like a glove, excellent trigger, and just plain outshoots my other full size pistols. The second I held it I had to have it.
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    Beat me to it stg58. I've had one of those CZ52s for years. Originally bought it in 9mm, and later purchased a 7.62x25 barrel for it so it's essentially a dual caliber. A little crude, but they're just about bombproof. Don't know how you could ever destroy one short of using a cutting torch.
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  5. GOG

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    I bought it new on gunbroker.
    I had a CZ82 sometime back and I thought it was a fine pistol if a bit heavy for its size. I've never had a model 52, but I always thought it would be an interesting pistol since the round is screamin' fast.
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    @GOG I have always heard good things about the CZ line and I have a gun-nut buddy that swears by them. I thought of getting one for the wife but ended up getting her the Glock 43 instead because it was on sale and because I love Glocks. Anyway, congrats! Have you shot it yet?
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  7. 3M-TA3

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    My TZ-75, too heavy for me to want to carry, but my favorite camp pistol.:
    Curious if the CZ-75 ever had a slide release like this one

    EDIT: "filed" off the serial numbers...
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    CZ's are great guns, my only issue is on my RAMI I need a higher front sight as the gun shoots 9" high at 25yards, my SP-01's both shoot great as does the P 09. Very good weapons period.
  9. Tyler Danann

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  10. GOG

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    @Bandit99 check out the CZ75 line if you like a steel frame with pretty good ergos.

    @3M-TA3, nice pistola.

    @Bandit99 it should show up from Minnesota on Monday. I'll see if I can put together a range report.
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