Any decent ebook sites?

Discussion in 'Survival Reading Room' started by ratski, Feb 12, 2012.

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    I've been lurking for a while.

    Recently got my kindle and have been back into reading.

    Been looking on line and seen a few ebook sites, sort of a pay per year thing.

    Anyone recommend any of the ebook sites that have like an annual fee?

    Are any of them worth the membership?


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    Amazon has a ton of free ebooks, you do need an account.

    Project Gutenberg has a ton of mobi formatted free books.

    Your Kindle can read PDF, tho it is a PITA sometimes.
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    I've looked around the Amazon site and gotten a few. But there seems to be a preponderance of old classics and new erotica on the free listing.

    I'm wondering more about sites where you pay an annual fee for access to download to your kindle.

    Checked with my local library, but they don't have the ability yet. Some do.

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    If you like science fiction, Baen books has distributed hardback books with CD's of back list books. Search it out, there is a website that has all these CD's online.
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    I do have three Kindle books out there...

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    There is a lot of stuff on PDF and even .rtf. A great program for converting other formats to Mobi is a Google search and it is a free download...I have converted about everything available here and other prepper sites using Calibre and they are on my Kindle. There is also a fair amount of fiction, etc, available that way depending on your genre of preference...personally, I like mindless entertainment when it comes to (non-prepper) fiction in order to stop the wheels in my brain turning, and it is pretty easy to find stuff like Tom Clancy and that type. Also a lot of prepper stories by Jerry D Young and TOM...among others. (Chris, Tom Sherry, David Crawford, etc...though I tend to pay for those to keep the guys writing)

    Just an aside...I make sure all are backed up at least twice...on CD and in an inexpensive netbook that lives in underground metal storage.
  7. These guys have a great survival books pack of 150 books on dvd-rom that I picked up a couple of months ago and have been reading through. Lots of good resources in one place. You might want to check them out if you are looking for good survival books:
    Dawn Approaches - Rare Knowledge Collections on DVD-Rom

    I have used Calibre and it is wonderful for any books you get from sites and would like to convert.
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    Click on the link in my signature for a free "e-book" (available on my website). It's fiction that includes tips and ideas for survival and prepping. If you HAVE to have it on your Kindle, you can find the monthly "chapters" on Amazon.
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    Thanks, Jeff...
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    thanks for the links guys. Looks like they are updated very well. I picked up quite a few books today.
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    Google e-pub... they have some good free books and some sites have subscription or feee based...
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    A bit easier to search for a keyword then change the filter to priced low to high.

    I don't mind doing this, its just time consuming.
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