any here know who TGO is? or Brian Enos?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by teeter, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. teeter

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    IPSC champs already back in the 80's, both The Great One(Robbie Leatham) and Enos were able to post times as low as .11 second for repeat hits on the 10" vitals circle, from 10 yds distance. They could do so repeatedly and upon demand, using full power loads in 1911 .45's.

    Jerry Miculek can post times of .14 second for repeat hits, at 5 yds, using an L Frame Smith 357, with plus P 158 gr .38 ammo.

    If you can get on an electronic shooting timer, you owe it to yourself to do so and see just how far away you are from top performance. Why give an enemy an extra .20 second in which to shoot, club or stab you? You may need to hit him multiple times in the chest before he stops, so why have that "string-of- fire" take 2-3 seconds when the same thing can be done in 1.0-1.5 second, with a more controlable load/gun combo and a bit of practice?
  2. VisuTrac

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    but what can a ninja shootist do?[gun2]
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  3. teeter

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    why care? The top hands in IPSC are for REAL, dude. And I am still one of them, too. :) I just can't let it be known who I really am at a shoot, that's all.
  4. VisuTrac

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    how about that poser John Melvin Davis. He probably couldn't hit a target 12x24 at 3 feet in say less than 4-5 seconds.

    Maybe strike the target frame a couple of times so lead splatter doesn't count.

    what are your thoughts?
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  5. dragonfly

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    Blonde? James Blonde ?
    003 & 7/8
    licensed to thrill!
    (annoying ain't it?)
  6. GrandpaDave

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    Why Not....

    Every year I shoot the Wyoming Steel challenge...
    I'd be proud to have anyone here come cheer me on or better yet shoot with me...

    So what if I'm not that high a ranked shooter... I still have fun... and like to make new friends esp in the shooting community...
  7. VisuTrac

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    do you like wear a V for Vendetta mask or something so they can't recognize you ? or did you have a accident with a barkless Chihuahua that left you horribly disfigured so that your mother doesn't even recognize you, let alone the small circle of IPSC professionals?
  8. Falcon15

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  9. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    John Melvin Davis is well known among internet gunnies as Gunkid, Hardin, Andy, and a hundred other pseudonyms he would use to disrupt gun forums. Gunkid was the inventor of the assault wheelbarrow, the advocate of a "debarked" Chihuahua as an alarm system, and a .223 fired from a 10" barrel as the ultimate weapon, which he claimed was useful up to 300yds, but only when used with a suppressor because Gunkid had a severe flinch when shooting without one. He liked to allude to his magnificent IPSC shooting career. There are no records of his exploits. However, there are complete records of other competitors scores, shot in the time frame he claims to have been a competitor.

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